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This talk page is for discussing the RuneScape:Style guide page.

Font colours[edit source]

The section on font colors doesn't mention the existence of the dark mode. The use of a manually added, dark font color may be difficult to see on the dark mode as well. Perhaps it should be advised to avoid use of custom font colors, preferring custom CSS in situations where it's necessary. LegendOfBrian (talk) 09:50, 3 September 2019 (UTC)

Hyphenation in directions[edit source]

Why is the style guide to have hyphenation in intercardinal directions? If you look up southwest in Wiktionary or in the Cambridge English Dictionary, the main form is not hyphenated and I disagree with the current style guide. Wiktionary also says about its etymology: From Middle English southwest, southewest, from Old English sūþwest and sūþanwestan, equivalent to south +‎ west. 07:37, 15 December 2020 (UTC)

North-west is preferred by OED, and overwhelmingly preferred in written dialogue within RuneScape (121 distinct bits of dialogue with a hyphenated ordinal direction, versus 15 unhyphenated). ʞooɔ 09:45, 15 December 2020 (UTC)