Rune essence

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Rune essence
Rune essence.png
Released29 March 2004 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineAn unimbued rune.
Value4 coins
High alch2 coins
Low alch1 coin
Weight0.002 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange13 coins (info)
Buy limit20,000
Daily volume2,015
Advanced data
Item ID1436
Rune essence detail.png

Rune essence is a raw material used in the Runecraft skill that can be crafted into low-level runes, namely air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes. Unlike runes, rune essence does not stack. Players need pure essence to craft any other type of rune, which can only be mined in members worlds.

There are a few ways of obtaining rune essence, other than by trading with other players.

Free players may mine rune essence in the rune essence mine, unlocked after completing the Rune Mysteries quest. To reach these mines, players need to be teleported by one of several NPCs. In members worlds, players will also mine Rune essence until reaching level 30 Mining when they will automatically mine pure essence. Mining from one of the rocks that have an unlimited supply of essence gives 5 Mining experience per essence. Pickaxes are needed, just like any other mining activity.

Mining Info[edit | edit source]

Rune essence (rock)
Level requiredMining 1
Mining XP5 xp
RockRune Essence (rock)
Required toolPickaxe
Respawn timeN/A

Products[edit | edit source]

Air rune.pngAir rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 1
  • Runecraft 5
Blank air rune.pngBlank air rune
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 30
  • Crafting 2
Blank earth rune.pngBlank earth rune
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 30
  • Crafting 2
Blank fire rune.pngBlank fire rune
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 30
  • Crafting 2
Blank mind rune.pngBlank mind rune
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 30
  • Crafting 2
Blank water rune.pngBlank water rune
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 30
  • Crafting 2
Body rune.pngBody rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 20
  • Runecraft 7.5
Earth rune.pngEarth rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 9
  • Runecraft 6.5
Fire rune.pngFire rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 14
  • Runecraft 7
Mind rune.pngMind rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 2
  • Runecraft 5.5
Rune shards.pngRune shards
Member icon.png
  • None
  • None
Water rune.pngWater rune
Free-to-play icon.png
  • Runecraft 5
  • Runecraft 6

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Ankou Regular (f)75; 82; 86; 95 Multicombat.png15 (noted)5/100
Ankou Free-to-play75; 82; 86 Multicombat.png15 (noted)5/100
Body Golem50 Multicombat.png4–6 (noted)6/52
Body Golem50 Multicombat.png(noted)1/52
Catablepon (f)49; 64; 68 Multicombat.png15 (noted)5/101
Chaos Golem70 Multicombat.png4–6 (noted)6/52
Flawed Golem13 Multicombat.png1–3 (noted)12/52
Flawed Golem13 Multicombat.png2–4 (noted)9/52
Mind Golem30 Multicombat.png3–5 (noted)6/52
Mind Golem30 Multicombat.png(noted)1/52
Minotaur (f)12; 27 Multicombat.png(noted)5/101
Rune Essence (rock)1 Mining icon.png1Always

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Dom Onion's Reward ShopYanilleN/A60N/AMember icon.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 March 2022

The item's examine text was changed; previously, it was "An uncharged Rune Stone."

20 April 2006

The item's inventory sprite was changed with the release of pure essence.

29 March 2004

The item became permanently available with the launch of RuneScape 2.

1 December 2003

The item was added to the RuneScape 2 Beta.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Rune essence detail (historical).png
Rune essence detail.png
Rune essence (historical).png
Rune essence.png
29 March 2004 ⁠–
20 April 2006
20 April 2006 ⁠–

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Stars float around the rune essence rocks when looking from a bird's-eye view.