Rune gloves

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Rune gloves
Rune gloves.png
Released15 March 2006 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsWear, Drop
ExamineA pair of very nice gloves.
Value5,000 coins
High alch3,000 coins
Low alch2,000 coins
Weight0.226 kg
Advanced data
Item ID7460
Rune gloves detail.png

Rune gloves are special gloves that can be bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest after completion of seven Recipe for Disaster subquests.

These gloves are a great option for high risk activities such as PvP, as they only cost 6,500 whilst still providing higher bonuses than a combat bracelet. When lost upon death, they turn into 3,900 coins.

While only 1 Defence is required to wear these gloves, and they can be acquired at a minimum of 13 Defence, it is impossible to equip them at this level. Specifically, the gloves are only equippable if the player has already completed Daero's training OR Defeating the Culinaromancer. Attempting to wear the gloves before one of these requirements is met results in the message: "Your Defence level is not sufficient to let you use those gloves without completing your unfinished business with Daero"

As with all Culinaromancer's gloves, this piece of armour cannot be made using the Smithing skill.

 Attack bonusesRune gloves equipped male.pngRune gloves equipped female.png
 Defence bonuses
 Other bonusesSlot
StrengthRangedMagic damagePrayerHands slot

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Culinaromancer's Chest (full)Lumbridge Castle basement600.6sCoins 1000.png 6,500N/A2.0%Member icon.png

Used in recommended equipment[edit | edit source]

3Abyss/Strategies (Defence)
3Abyssal Sire/Strategies (Ranged)
4Adamant dragon/Strategies (Melee)
4Ancient Wyvern/Strategies (Prayer)
4Ancient Wyvern/Strategies (Melee)
4Ancient Wyvern/Strategies (Magic)
3Barrows/Strategies (Low level)
3Barrows/Strategies (Medium level)
4Basilisk Knight/Strategies (Melee)
3Callisto/Strategies (Magic)
4Cerberus/Strategies (Melee)
3Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Melee)
3Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Torag's)
3Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Melee (Anti-magic))
3Chompington (Melee)
4Corporeal Beast/Strategies (Melee masses)
4Corporeal Beast/Strategies (Team melee)
4Corporeal Beast/Strategies (Solo melee)
4Crazy archaeologist/Strategies (Magic)
5Dagannoth Kings/Strategies (Magic (Rex only))
3Dagannoth Kings/Strategies (Range)
3Dagannoth Kings/Strategies (Budget Magic (Rex only))
4Deranged archaeologist/Strategies
3Down Do Specs (Melee)
4Drake/Strategies (Melee)
3Duke Sucellus/Strategies (Melee)
4Galvek Speed-Trialist (Melee)
3General Graardor/Strategies (Melee Attacker)
2Giant Mole/Strategies (Melee & Prayer Budget)
3Giant Mole/Strategies (Dharok's)
4Glough Speed-Trialist (Melee)
4Gout tuber/Strategies (Tank)
2Green dragon/Strategies (Melee)
4Grotesque Guardians/Strategies (Ranged switches)
4Grotesque Guardians/Strategies (Melee)
3K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Melee tank)
2K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Solo Melee)
3K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Melee attacker)
3King Black Dragon/Strategies (4-item melee)
4King Black Dragon/Strategies (Melee BIS smuggle)
1Krystilia/Strategies (Magic)
2Krystilia/Strategies (Dragonhide (Melee + Ranged))
1Krystilia/Strategies (Defence and Prayer)
3Lava dragon/Strategies (Magic)
4Metal dragons/Strategies (Melee)
5The Mimic/Strategies (Magic)
4Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Melee (Dharok's))
4Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Melee (Prayer))
4Rune dragon/Strategies (Melee)
4Rune dragon/Strategies (Ranged)
4Sarachnis/Strategies (Melee)
3Sarachnis/Strategies (Melee Tank)
3Scorpia/Strategies (Magic)
4Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies (Magic)
3Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies (Melee)
5Skotizo/Strategies (Melee)
5Skotizo/Strategies (Ranged)
4Slayer task/Gargoyles (Melee)
4Slayer task/Suqah (Melee (South))
4Slayer task/Trolls (Melee (Prayer))
4Slayer task/Trolls (Melee (DPS))
5Smoke devil/Strategies
4Thermonuclear smoke devil/Strategies (Melee)
4Thermonuclear smoke devil/Strategies (Magic)
4TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies (Ranged)
4TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies (Ranged+Guthan's)
5TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies (Tank)
4TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies (Melee)
3TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Speed-Trialist (Melee Attacker)
3Ultimate Ironman Guide/Equipment
3Ultimate Ironman Guide/Equipment
3Ultimate Ironman Guide/Equipment
2Venenatis/Strategies (Melee)
4Vorkath/Strategies (Melee)

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 January 2015
(update | poll)

The gloves were renamed from "Gloves", used for all Culinaromancer's gloves, for easier identification.

28 August 2014

The coins dropped on death were changed to reflect the shop price rather than alchemy value.