Rune heraldic armour

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This article is about Treasure Trails reward. For Player owned house painted heraldic armour, see Heraldic armour.

Rune heraldic armour are pieces of rune armour that have a heraldic design on them. The heraldic armour set consists of a helm, platebody and shield, which can be only obtained as a reward from hard Treasure Trails. The pieces require a Defence level of 40 to equip and provide the same stats as their regular rune counterparts.

The rune heraldic helm or shield may be required to complete emote clues during hard and elite Treasure Trails. Any rune heraldic helm or shield can be used to complete them, regardless of the design.

Components[edit | edit source]

Full helm[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Rune helm (h1).png Rune helm (h1) 92,744
Rune helm (h2).png Rune helm (h2) 22,560
Rune helm (h3).png Rune helm (h3) 21,264
Rune helm (h4).png Rune helm (h4) 21,842
Rune helm (h5).png Rune helm (h5) 21,289

Platebody[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Rune platebody (h1).png Rune platebody (h1) 42,480
Rune platebody (h2).png Rune platebody (h2) 41,043
Rune platebody (h3).png Rune platebody (h3) 40,164
Rune platebody (h4).png Rune platebody (h4) 40,174
Rune platebody (h5).png Rune platebody (h5) 40,585

Kiteshield[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Rune shield (h1).png Rune shield (h1) 52,614
Rune shield (h2).png Rune shield (h2) 34,845
Rune shield (h3).png Rune shield (h3) 35,731
Rune shield (h4).png Rune shield (h4) 34,291
Rune shield (h5).png Rune shield (h5) 32,679

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