Rune pouch (Last Man Standing)

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Rune pouch
Rune pouch (Last Man Standing).png
Released11 July 2019 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineUnlimited charges of some handy spells from your chosen spellbook.
Value1 coin
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight1 kg
Advanced data
Item ID23650
Rune pouch (Last Man Standing) detail.png

The rune pouch is obtained as part of the default preset of items that are given to the player during a game of Last Man Standing. It contains an unlimited amount of water, death, blood and soul runes.

As the player's spellbook is switched to the Ancient Magicks at the beginning of the minigame, players can cast Blood Blitz, Blood Barrage, Ice Blitz and Ice Barrage even if Desert Treasure is not completed.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 August 2022

The item's examine text was changed. Previously, it was "Unlimited charges of Blood and Ice Barrage."

29 August 2019

The "Open" option was removed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When hovering over the spellbook icons with the rune pouch in the inventory, it will display that the player has no runes available. Despite this, the icons Blood Blitz, Blood Barrage, Ice Blitz and Ice Barrage will still be lit up.