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This article is about the Runecraft skill. For information on training Runecraft, see Runecraft training (F2P) (P2P).
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Runecraft (also known as Runecrafting) is a skill that allows players to craft their own runes for Magic spells. The experience earned from making runes is small, making Runecraft a very slow skill to train, on par with Agility. And due to the need for constant running and banking, it is fairly click and attention intensive. However, due to the constant demand for different types of runes, it can create a very generous profit.

Due to how slow Runecraft is to train, many players look to avoid training Runecraft, and use the experience from lamps and books of knowledge and from playing Tears of Guthix to raise the stat without having to train it.

With the release of the Blood and Soul altars on 7 January 2016, training Runecraft has become less time consuming for high-level runecrafters, with blood runes reaching experience rates of around 38,000 per hour and soul runes reaching up to around 47,000 experience per hour. Alternatively, if the player is willing to put in the effort, lava runes can be crafted for between 68,000 and 75,000 xp per hour from level 75 and up.

Audio options icon.png
Runecraft level up - normal
The music that plays when levelling up.
Audio options icon.png
Runecraft level up - with unlocks
The music that plays when levelling up and unlocking new content.

Crafting runes[edit | edit source]

In the Runecraft skill, magical runes are crafted by binding the magical energy from runecrafting altars into magical stones. These stones are called essence. There are various types of essence, with each of these types being able to be crafted in a selection of runes.

Rune Exp Essence
GE Price Members?
Use Craft
1 Air rune.png Air rune 5 Normal/Pure 5 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
2 Mind rune.png Mind rune 5.5 Normal/Pure 3 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
5 Water rune.png Water rune 6 Normal/Pure 5 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
9 Earth rune.png Earth rune 6.5 Normal/Pure 5 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
14 Fire rune.png Fire rune 7 Normal/Pure 5 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
20 Body rune.png Body rune 7.5 Normal/Pure 5 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Free-to-play icon.png
27 Cosmic rune.png Cosmic rune 8 Pure 137 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
35 Chaos rune.png Chaos rune 8.5 Pure 57 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
40 Astral rune.png Astral rune 8.7 Pure 158 1
Member icon.png
Member icon.png
44 Nature rune.png Nature rune 9 Pure 213 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
54 Law rune.png Law rune 9.5 Pure 139 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
65 Death rune.png Death rune 10 Pure 186 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
77 Blood rune.png Blood rune 23.8 Dark 293 1
Member icon.png
Member icon.png
90 Soul rune.png Soul rune 29.7 Dark 148 1
Member icon.png
Member icon.png
95 Wrath rune.png Wrath rune 8 Pure 352 1
Member icon.png
Member icon.png

Essence[edit | edit source]

The types of essence are rune essence, pure essence, daeyalt essence and dark essence fragments. Besides these types of essence, there are three types of cores that can be crafted into specific runes.

Rune essence[edit | edit source]

Rune essence detail.png

Rune essence can be used to craft air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Rune essence can be acquired by mining and from monster drops.

Mining rune essence requires completion of the Quest points Rune Mysteries quest. After completing this quest, a selection of wizards can teleport the player to the rune essence mine, where the player can mine the Rune Essence to obtain rune essence for the Runecraft skill.

Rune essence can be obtained by mining by free-to-play players and by members that have a Mining level lower than 30.

Pure essence[edit | edit source]

Pure essence detail.png

Pure essence can be used to craft air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes as well as cosmic, chaos, astral, nature, law, death, and wrath runes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Pure essence can be acquired by mining and from monster drops.

Mining pure essence requires completion of the Quest points Rune Mysteries quest. After completing this quest, a selection of wizards can teleport the player to the rune essence mine, where the player can mine the Rune Essence to obtain pure essence for the Runecraft skill.

Pure essence can be obtained by mining only by members that are level 30 or higher in the Mining skill. However, free-to-play players can obtain via trading with other players.

Pure essence can be also be obtained quickly by members by playing the Temple Trekking minigame.

Daeyalt essence[edit | edit source]

Daeyalt essence detail.png

Daeyalt essence can be used instead of pure essence, to craft air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes as well as cosmic, chaos, astral, nature, law, death, and wrath runes. Doing so grants a 50% bonus in xp gained from creating these runes. This effect also applies to runes crafted at the ZMI.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Daeyalt essence can be acquired from the daeyalt essence mine in Darkmeyer. Shards can be converted to daeyalt essence by trading Noranna Tytanin located near the entrance of the mine at a 1:1 ratio. Any essence received is sent to the bank.

To trade in the shards for daeyalt essence, a version of the vyre noble disguise needs to be worn.

Access to Darkmeyer and the essence mine requires completion of Sins of the Father.

Dark essence fragments[edit | edit source]

Dark essence fragments detail.png

Dark essence fragments can be used to craft blood and soul runes.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Collecting dark essence fragments requires Kourend Favour icon.png 25% Arceuus favour and level Mining 38 and Crafting 38 or higher. The ability to use the dark essence fragments to craft runes requires Kourend Favour icon.png 100% Arceuus favour and level Runecraft 77 or higher.

Dark essence fragments require a few steps to obtain. In the Arceuus essence mine mine the dense runestones to obtain dense essence blocks. This requires a pickaxe and a chisel. Bring these dense essence blocks to the Dark Altar to bind its energy into the blocks. This will turn the dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks. Use a chisel on the dark essence blocks to obtain dark essence fragments.

Cores[edit | edit source]

Mind core detail.png

Cores can be used to craft mind runes (using Mind cores), body runes (using Body cores) and chaos runes (using Chaos cores). For each type of rune, the corresponding core needs to be used. A core acts as 10 pure or rune essence. For example, at level 2 runecraft, one mind core would give 10 mind runes and 55 experience, and at level 98 runecraft, one mind core would give 80 mind runes and still 55 experience.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Cores are dropped by the golems in the Ruins of Camdozaal. Each core is dropped by the corresponding golem.

Talismans[edit | edit source]

Main article: Talisman
Air talisman detail.png

Talismans are quite important in the runecrafting skill, as they are the keys used to access most altars. Each one is magically attuned to the Runecrafting altar that shares its name. An air talisman, for example, is attuned to the air altar. A player may use the talisman only on its corresponding 'mysterious ruin', to repeatedly reach the altar inside. Talismans can be acquired from drops or by trading with other players.

A talisman exists for the air, mind, water, earth, fire, body, cosmic, chaos, nature, law, death and wrath altar.

Tiaras[edit | edit source]

Tiara detail.png

A talisman can be fused with a tiara. This creates an equipable item that lets you left-click on the corresponding mysterious ruins to enter, and saves an inventory space. All talismans except the elemental talisman can be bound in this way.

Altars[edit | edit source]

Main article: Runecrafting altar

Runecrafting altars are locations at which players can use the Runecraft skill to turn essence into runes. Each altar corresponds to a different type of rune.

Regular altars[edit | edit source]

Inside the nature altar.

Most altars are located in another dimension, accessible through Mysterious Ruins scattered across the surface of Gielinor. This includes the air, mind, water, earth, fire, body, cosmic, chaos, nature, law, death and wrath altar. The astral altar is the only regular altar that is not accessed through Mysterious Ruins.

Mysterious Ruins are not labelled on the world map. Players can discover the ruins' location by clicking 'locate' on a talisman. A talisman, tiara, or runecraft cape is required to actually enter the ruins and use the altars.

When a player clicks on the altar, all essence in their inventory are converted to a type of rune (depending on the altar), and they gain Runecraft experience. They can also enchant a tiara if they have a normal tiara and talisman in their inventory. Use either the tiara or the talisman on the altar to combine them into an enchanted tiara.

Blood and soul altar[edit | edit source]

The blood and soul altar can be found in Arceuus, nearby the Arceuus essence mine. No talisman or tiara is needed to use these altars as they are in the regular dimension.

Ourania Altar[edit | edit source]

The Ourania Altar, also known as the ZMI Altar, converts pure essence into an assortment of random runes, with a chance of bonus runes being created if players have the medium Ardougne Diary completed. The altar, which requires no talisman or tiara to enter, gives roughly 1.7 times the normal experience for each pure essence used. Rune essence cannot be used. Players do not need a specific Runecraft level in order to craft at this altar, but the chance of crafting higher-levelled runes increases with a higher Runecraft level. Players can not craft a wrath rune through the Ourania Altar; this is the only rune uncraftable at the Altar outside of combination runes.

Abyss[edit | edit source]

Main article: Abyss
Abyssal leech.png

The Abyss is a special region that requires completion of the Enter the Abyss miniquest. The Abyss provides access to all the runecrafting altars without the need for a talisman, with the exception of astral runes and wrath runes. The Abyss consists of two rings: a dangerous outer ring in a multiway combat zone and a safe inner ring with rifts leading to the runecrafting altars. In appearance, it seems to be oddly organic, with eyes, boils, and strange-looking tendrils. Aside from the abyssal monsters inhabiting it, using the Abyss is also dangerous because players who enter the Abyss will have their Prayer points drained to 0, and players who enter without wearing an Abyssal bracelet will also be immediately given a skull.

Multiple runes[edit | edit source]

As a player's Runecraft level increases, they can make more runes. However, they only earn experience based on the amount of essence they use. The number of runes made from the essence in a player's inventory in an action that gains a level is determined by the player's level before the runecrafting action, even if crafting the same amount of essence one piece at a time would yield more runes. For example, a player with a runecraft level of 22; will craft 3 air runes to 1 pure essence.

Wrath, blood, and soul runes cannot be multicrafted.

Rune Lvl for 1x Lvl for 2x Lvl for 3x Lvl for 4x Lvl for 5x Lvl for 6x Lvl for 7x Lvl for 8x Lvl for 9x Lvl for 10x
Air rune.png Air 1 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
Mind rune.png Mind 2 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 - -
Water rune.png Water 5 19 38 57 76 95 - - - -
Earth rune.png Earth 9 26 52 78 (104) - - - - -
Fire rune.png Fire 14 35 70 - - - - - - -
Body rune.png Body 20 46 92 - - - - - - -
Cosmic rune.png Cosmic 27 59 - - - - - - - -
Chaos rune.png Chaos 35 74 - - - - - - - -
Astral rune.png Astral 40 82 - - - - - - - -
Nature rune.png Nature 44 91 - - - - - - - -
Law rune.png Law 54 95 - - - - - - - -
Death rune.png Death 65 99 - - - - - - - -

5x earth runes can only be achieved with a skill level of 99 with a +5 boost from an evil stew and is the only rune that has a reachable multiple requirement that is past a skill level of 99, with fire runes being just shy of being an accessible 2nd; others are possible but are not accessible with the current existing boosts. It is currently unknown if cosmic and later runes have any multiplier for 3x or higher.

Note: Death & Law Runes are the only runes that can yield multiple runes that do not follow the normal levelling conventions.

Combination runes[edit | edit source]

Members have an extension to Runecraft, which is the ability to combine two runes into one item.

To craft combination runes, a player needs to take existing runes that are one half of the combination, with a matching talisman (not a tiara), along with an equal amount of pure essence to the altar which comprises the other half of the combination. Use the existing runes or the talisman for the existing runes on the altar. This has a 50% chance of success, and will consume the talisman whether successful or not. Players can wear a binding necklace to have a 100% chance of success instead.

The player may use the Lunar spell Magic Imbue to make combination runes without needing the opposing talisman. Using binding necklaces and Magic Imbue to craft lava runes can yield the highest Runecraft experience per hour in Old School RuneScape.

Runecraft Level Rune Combination Exp (Low) Exp (High) GE Price
6 Mist rune.png Mist rune Air rune.png + Water rune.png 8 8.5 81
10 Dust rune.png Dust rune Air rune.png + Earth rune.png 8.3 9 5
13 Mud rune.png Mud rune Water rune.png + Earth rune.png 9.3 9.5 158
15 Smoke rune.png Smoke rune Air rune.png + Fire rune.png 8.5 9.5 73
19 Steam rune.png Steam rune Water rune.png + Fire rune.png 9.3 10 65
23 Lava rune.png Lava rune Earth rune.png + Fire rune.png 10 10.5 4

Players receive less experience at the lower-levelled altars. For example, making mist runes at the air altar will give 8 experience for each rune made, while making them at the water altar will give 8.5 experience for each rune made.

Normally when runecrafting, there is a delay after clicking on the altar which restricts the player from performing any action for a couple seconds. There is no such delay when crafting combination runes, so you can empty pouches or use teleports such as dueling rings immediately after crafting them.

Runecraft pouches[edit | edit source]

Main article: Pouch (Runecraft)

Pouches are bags that can hold varying amounts of rune, pure or daeyalt essence for use in the Runecraft skill. Pouches are highly prized among runecrafters because they can be used to take larger loads when runecrafting and mining pure essence.

Pouches degrade with use, and must be repaired by visiting the Dark mage in the centre of the Abyss (or by contacting him with the NPC Contact Lunar spell) or they will vanish. Note: You do NOT need to bring your pouches to the Dark mage to have them repaired; pouches that are stored in the bank will also be repaired.

Pouches are dropped by monsters in the Abyss and the Abyssal Area after completion of the Enter the Abyss miniquest.

Type Runecraft Level Capacity Cumulative capacity Uses before decay (approx.) Dropped or Obtained by
Small pouch.png Small pouch 1 3 3 No decay Abyssal guardian, leech, walker, or Dark mage
Medium pouch.png Medium pouch 25 6 9 45 Abyssal guardian, leech, walker
Large pouch.png Large pouch 50 9 18 29 Abyssal guardian, leech, walker
Giant pouch.png Giant pouch 75 12 30 10 Abyssal guardian, leech, walker

Infusing[edit | edit source]

Pegasian crystal detail.png

The three crystals dropped by Cerberus, being the primordial, pegasian and eternal crystal, can be infused to the dragon boots, ranger boots and infinity boots respectively to create the primordial boots, pegasian boots and eternal boots.

This process requires level 60 or higher in the Runecraft and Magic skill and grants 200 experience in both skills.

Splitbark armour can also be infused into Swampbark armour at the Nature altar after reading the Runescroll of swampbark or into Bloodbark armour at the Blood altar after reading the Runescroll of bloodbark.

Runecraft pet[edit | edit source]

Rift guardian (follower, fire).png
Main article: Rift guardian

The Rift guardian is a skilling pet that can be obtained while training Runecraft. The chances of getting it are dependent on the player's Runecraft level, the rune the player is crafting, and the number of essence used.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As training the Runecraft skill involves a lot of running, a high Agility level and the Graceful outfit will be very beneficial.
  • An alternative method for training Runecraft is by using rune runners. A runner is a player that changes noted essences into unnoted essence by converting them in a bank or a shop. At the appropriate altar, the runner trades the Runecrafter changing unnoted essences for noted essences and some fee (usually coins or runes). The Runecrafter increases the amount of essences processed and the runner gets a good reward.
  • Another good way is to have a Ornate rejuvenation pool in your house and use house teleports while running, using rejuvenation pool then Amulet of Glory to Edgeville and run to the Abyss.

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Main article: Temporary skill boost
Boost Level
Visibility Other info
Runecraft cape.png Runecraft cape 1 Visible Activating the cape's effect will increase the corresponding skill by 1.
Oldak chathead.png Oldak ±2 Visible Requires completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun.
Spicy stew.png Spicy stew
(orange spice)
±0-5 Visible Depending on type of stew, any skill can be boosted or reduced by 0 to 5 levels randomly.

Temporary boosts do not allow players to use higher tier runecrafting pouches.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests requiring Runecraft[edit | edit source]

Quest Runecraft
Other requirements
The Slug Menace Runecraft 30 Crafting 30 , Slayer 30 , Thieving 30
What Lies Below Runecraft 35 Mining 42 (unless you have access to the Abyss)
Devious Minds Runecraft 50 Smithing 65 , Fletching 50
The Fremennik Exiles Runecraft 55 Crafting 65 , Slayer 60 , Smithing 60 , Fishing 60

Quests rewarding Runecraft experience[edit | edit source]

Quest Experience
Other requirements
The Ascent of Arceuus 500 - 20% Arceuus favour, Hunter 12
Enter the Abyss
1,000 - -
The Slug Menace 3,500 Runecraft 30 Crafting 30 , Slayer 30 , Thieving 30
Devious Minds 5,000 Runecraft 50 Smithing 65 , Fletching 50
The Fremennik Exiles 5,000 Runecraft 55 Crafting 65 , Slayer 60 , Smithing 60 , Fishing 60
Lunar Diplomacy 5,000 - Crafting 61 , Defence 40 , Firemaking 49 , Herblore 5 , Magic 65 , Mining 60 , Woodcutting 55
The Eyes of Glouphrie 6,000 - Construction 5 , Magic 46
What Lies Below 8,000 Runecraft 35 Mining 42 (unless you have access to the Abyss)
Total 34,000

Skill choice[edit | edit source]

Upon completing any of the following quests, players may choose to allocate experience to Runecraft. These rewards usually come in the form of items, such as lamps or books, and are independent of any experience rewards directly received for completing the quest.

Skills availableSkill requirements
X Marks the Spot300AnyNone
Client of Kourend500 twiceAnyNone
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen2,500Any skill above 30Farming 49 , Herblore 57
A Tail of Two Cats2,500 twiceAny skill above 30None
The Great Brain Robbery5,000Any skill above 30Crafting 16 , Construction 30 , Prayer 50
King's Ransom5,000Any skill above 50Defence 65
Darkness of Hallowvale2,000 three timesAny skill above 30Construction 5 , Mining 20 , Thieving 22 , Crafting 32 , Magic 33 , Strength 40
A Taste of Hope2,500 three timesAny skill above 35Crafting 48 , Herblore 40 , Attack 40 , Agility 45 , Slayer 38
A Kingdom Divided10,000Any skill above 40Agility 54 , Thieving 52 , Woodcutting 52 , Herblore 50 , Mining 42 ,
Crafting 38 , Magic 35
Architectural Alliance
10,000Any skill above 40None
In Search of Knowledge
10,000Any skill above 40None
Curse of the Empty Lord
10,000Any skill above 50Some players will need Prayer 31
One Small Favour10,000 twiceAny skill above 30Agility 36 , Crafting 25 , Herblore 18 , Smithing 30
Recipe for Disaster
(The final battle)
20,000Any skill above 50Quest points 175 , Cooking 70 , Agility 48 , Mining 50 , Fishing 53 ,
Thieving 53 , Herblore 25 , Magic 59 , Smithing 40 , Firemaking 50 ,
Ranged 40 , Crafting 40 , Fletching 10 , Slayer 10 , Woodcutting 36
Sins of the Father15,000 three timesAny skill above 60Woodcutting 62 , Fletching 60 , Crafting 56 , Agility 52 , Slayer 50 , Attack 50 , Magic 49

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 February 2017
(update | poll)

Runecrafting pouches will no longer degrade if a Runecrafting skillcape or Max cape is worn while filling the pouch. Existing pouches which are degraded will not be repaired in any way with this change, but they will also not degrade any further whilst a Runecrafting skillcape or Max cape is worn.

14 April 2021
(update | poll)

Runecrafting cores have been added to the game.