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Runite rocks are the second-highest level rock in Old School RuneScape, bested by amethyst crystals, requiring 85 Mining to mine. When successfully mined, the player receives a runite ore and 125 Mining experience. After being mined, runite rocks usually take around 12 minutes to respawn. They are highly popular and often are depleted of their resources, which prompts players to switch worlds to find rocks that haven't been mined. It is recommended not to hop to busy servers as busy worlds are more likely to have their ores already depleted.

When mining runite, players may find it useful to keep track of the time that they mined the ore as well as the world number. If done accurately, players can hop to other worlds (keeping more such notes along the way) to mine runite while keeping an eye on the time, and then hop back to worlds where they previously mined runite when it is about time for the ore to respawn. This method of collecting runite ore does not need to be used when mining outside of popular member areas, such as the Heroes' Guild mine requiring Heroes' Quest to access said mine, or at secluded areas like the Central Fremennik Isles mine, which requires starting The Fremennik Isles. Moreover, starting Mourning's End Part II and wearing Mourner gear opens up the Mourner Tunnels mine, which is another remote mine for members.

Lava Maze Rune Mine is currently the only place for free-to-play rune miners.

Runite rocks in places like the Central Fremennik Isles mine are rarely targeted by players, and as such, there is little need to worry about the ore being sometimes contested, whereas the popular 46 Wilderness Mine among both free players and members is almost always taken. However, such places in the Wilderness are usually dangerous due to high-level monsters and, more importantly, player killers.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Mine Location Requirement Rocks Threats? Notes Members? Map
Central Fremennik Isles Mine Neitiznot Fremennik Isles 1 Trolls North-east of Neitiznot across a bridge on the central isle. 7 Coal rocks can also be found here. Yes Neitiznot Rune Mine.png
Fossil Island Mine Fossil Island Bone Voyage 2 None East of the campsite's bank chest. Yes Fossil Island map.png
Frozen Waste Plateau Wilderness Level 53 - West of the Wilderness Agility Training Arena. None 3 PKers, Ice warriors, Ice giants, and Ice spiders Just west of the Agility course. Yes Frozen Waste Plateau map.png
Heroes' Guild Mine Heroes' Guild Heroes' Quest 2 Giant bats By some crates at the southeastern corner. Yes Heroes' Guild dungeon map.png
Isafdar mine Isafdar Some elven quests 2 None To get there, some obstacles have to be traversed, which, upon failing, could deal the player small amounts of damage and inflict poison. Yes
Lava Maze Dungeon Mine Wilderness Level 44 - Lava Maze Dungeon None 1 PKers, Poison spiders, Greater demons and Black dragons Past a maze in the centre of Lava Maze, where the Lava Maze Dungeon's eastern entrance can be found. Yes Lava Maze Dungeon map.png
Lava Maze Runite Mine Wilderness Level 46 - North-west of Lava Maze None 2 PKers and Deadly red spiders North-west of Lava Maze. No Lava Maze map.png
Mining Guild's Members-only area Mining Guild 60 Mining to enter the area 2 None At the easternmost corner. Exclusively here, the respawn timer is halved to 6 minutes and every harvest has a 1/20 chance of producing Unidentified minerals. Yes Mining Guild map.png
Mourner Tunnels Mine Mourner Tunnels Mourning's End Part II 1 Dark beasts In the northwestern corner before entering the path to the Temple of Light. You might have to wear Mourner gear to come here. Yes Mourner Tunnels & Temple of Light map.png
Myths' Guild Mine Myths' Guild Dragon Slayer II 2 None Western side of the Corsair Cove Dungeon underneath Myths' Guild. Yes Corsair Cove Dungeon map.png
Southern Mor Ul Rek mine Mor Ul Rek A Fire Cape to be allowed into Mor UI Rek 3 None All the way south, just south of the Inferno. Yes South Mor Ul Rek mine location.png
Trahaearn mine Prifddinas Song of the Elves 4 None Closest deposit box to runite rocks. Yes Trahaearn mine map.png

Tools & equipment[edit | edit source]