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Released15 August 2006 (Update)
QuestThe Eyes of Glouphrie
ExamineAll you see is a glimmer of light and the suggestion of shadow.
Advanced data
NPC ID1237
Saboteur chathead.png

The Saboteur is an unused NPC added alongside The Eyes of Glouphrie. The character has the same appearance and examine as Karam from Ape Atoll.

During The Eyes of Glouphrie, an unnamed Intruder infiltrates to sabotage Oaknock's Machine. When discussing the incident afterwards with Brimstail, the player recalls "I've seen this before. Karam in the 10th squad used some sort of magic to make himself invisible." It is possible therefore that the Saboteur would have appeared in some form of flashback cutscene to illustrate this, but ultimately was not used.