Safalaan Hallow

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Safalaan Hallow
Safalaan Hallow.png
Released4 September 2006 (Update)
RaceHalf Icyene, half human
QuestDarkness of Hallowvale
A Taste of Hope
Sins of the Father
ExamineA tall, charismatic man of unusual appearance.
Advanced data
NPC ID3775,8216,8217,8218,8219
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Safalaan Hallow is the leader of the Sanguinesti division of the Myreque. He was first mentioned by a member of The Myreque during In Search of the Myreque as the organisation's enigmatic leader working directly under Calsidiu.

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Safalaan was born in Hallowvale during the Third Age some time before the Conquest of Hallowvale as the son of the Icyene Queen Efaritay and her human husband King Ascertes. Safalaan, however, has no memory of his long life, as he was at some point attacked by the vampyre Vanstrom Klause, which affected his memory and caused severe amnesia. Despite having no recollection of his past, throughout life he was aware that he was special and had powers against vampyres. He knew also that the vampyres considered him a threat, though unaware of his Icynic heritage.

Leading the Myreque[edit | edit source]

Some years before 169 of the Fifth Age, he formed the Myreque together with Veliaf Hurtz as an organisation working against the vampyres of Morytania. He is first met, while sketching Castle Drakan and requests the player to finish it for him. Just as the new Myreque recruit makes the last sketch, the vampyre Vanstrom Klause, whom the recruit spied on earlier, discovers them and attacks. Just when he is about to deliver the final blow, the secretary of Vanescula Drakan, a human named Sarius Guile, saves them and dismisses Vanstrom. She then reveals Vanescula has an interest in Safalaan and passes on information as to where to find a letter which contains information on an abandoned laboratory under Meiyerditch. During the investigation, the letter written by a former slave in the laboratory, Mauritys Guile - Sarius's father, is found in a fireplace in a Meiyerditchian house which reveals the secret location and key of the laboratory. The player is sent to investigate and finds a book called Haemalchemy - Volume I. The letter, along with the book, is passed on to Safalaan and he sends the recruit to his colleague Veliaf Hurtz to finish the quest.

A Taste of Hope[edit | edit source]

Safalaan is later met by the player, who eavesdropped on a conversation between Vanstrom, Ranis Drakan and Verzik Vitur, the latter of which gifting them an abomination to hunt the Myreque down. Realizing the danger they are in, he proposes to escape Meiyerditch, but wishes to learn more about Serafina, the human said to have completed the Theatre of Blood.

When they arrive at Serafina's former house, they find some notes after Safalaan willingly gives up some of his blood. However, when Flaygian Screwte states that the notes were complete nonsense, he realized that he had been tricked by Vanstrom to giving up his blood and orders the members to escape. It is too late however, as the Abomination barges into the hideout, killing Mekritus, Andiess and Flaygian. The Abomination soon confronts Safalaan and the player, the former of which emitting a burst of energy that weakens it and allows the player to finish it off.

Safalaan and the remaining members move to a new hideout, and the adventurer kills Ranis, much to Safalaan's delight.

Heritage Revealed[edit | edit source]

The mystery behind his heritage is finally revealed to him by Vanescula Drakan herself, in an attempt to gather his and the Myreque's support in her plan to usurp Lowerniel Drakan, revealing that he is Queen Efaritay's half-icyene, half-human son, and also the son of the late King Ascertes. He also had a sister, Larina Hallow, although she was killed. Vanescula also revealed that Vanstrom was formerly Ascertes, who Lowerniel had converted into a vampyre.

Armed with this knowledge, and intent to bring Lowerniel down, Safalaan and the other members arrive to confront Lowerniel, who had suspected Vanescula's treachery. He witnesses Polmafi, Kael, Vertida and Radigad's deaths after they attempt to attack the vampyre dictator, but are incinerated in an instant. Lowerniel then orders Vanstrom to finish up the remaining members. Safalaan attempts to appeal to Vanstrom of his past as Ascertes, but Vanstrom states that he has been uplifted ever since being a vampyre, and that he killed Larina. This enrages Safalaan, who emits a blast of energy that seemingly incinerates Vanstrom. Shocked by the blast, Safalaan's fate is left unknown as he is captured by the Vyrewatch Sentinels who converge on their position, as Ivan was forced to abandon him as he was too far away to be teleported.