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Abbreviation Meaning
+1 The item that a player would keep on death with the Protect Item prayer.
AGS Armadyl Godsword
BH Bounty Hunter
Bracket Combat bracket. A range of combat levels, often used to describe the levels that a player can attack.
Brid, bridding Hybrid; fighting with multiple combat styles (melee/ranged/magic).
Combo Food You can eat multiple pieces of food in the same time that you would normally only eat one. The karambwan is a special type of fish that can be eaten directly after eating a shark or other ‘normal’ food item in the same tick period. Quickly click on a shark and karambwan to consume both.
DDS Dragon dagger(p++)
DH Dharok's, either the armour set itself or fighting with it.
Gf Good fight
Gmaul Granite maul
LMS Last Man Standing
Main Account with no particular build restrictions, often with maximum combat stats.
Multi Multicombat area
NH No honour; fighting with no rules.
Overheads Prayers that display over a player's head. Use may be considered dishonourable in some PvP scenarios.
PJ, PJing Pile jumping, player jumping
Pot blocking After you drink a pray pot you can’t eat for a delayed period of time. You don’t want to be drinking pots as you hit big on their venge or they hit big on you, time it for when you both hit 0s.
Pure Combat pure
Risk What the player would lose if they were killed, often measured in GP.
Safing Keeping your hitpoints high. May be considered dishonourable by some.
Singles Single-way combat
Solo (player-killing) Player-killing without a clan.
Spec Special attack
Switch Gear switches/switching. Equipping different armour and weapons in the middle of the fight, typically to use a different combat style (melee/ranged/magic).
Tab Using a Teleport to house tablet to escape a fight.
TB Teleblock
Zerker Berserker pure

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