Safta Doc

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Safta Doc
Safta Doc.png
Released9 August 2005 (Update)
LocationTai Bwo Wannai
ExamineA native of Tai Bwo Wannai.
Advanced data
NPC ID6422,6423
Safta Doc chathead.png

Safta Doc is a retired fisherman and the father of Karaday. He is near the Calquat tree patch in Tai Bwo Wannai. After repairing one fence and asking Murcaily where to get a machete, machetes can be purchased from Safta Doc.

Players can obtain trading sticks from him in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup, and can also buy gem edged machetes from him at the following costs:

This is not recommended as Gout Tubers are worth a substantial amount on the Grand Exchange.

Purchasing a gem bladed machete from Safta Doc is a task for the Karamja Medium Diary. To do this speak to Murcaily near the Hardwood Grove, then gain some favour in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup. Next return to Murcaily to receive some Trading Sticks, and then return to Safta Doc and ask him "What do you do around here?" to get to the conversation options for buying a machete.