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Sailing was proposed as a skill to players in August of 2015 in a Dev Blog. The skill was to consist of three main activities: ship building, navigation, and exploration, and was said to be available to free-to-play.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

In July 2008, prior to the release of Old School RuneScape, Sailing was speculated to be a new skill to RuneScape due to the spread of faked pictures and evidence of its supposed release. Afterwards, it had become a subject of jokes both by Jagex Moderators, through references and April Fools jokes, and the community. In Old School RuneScape, the 2014 April Fools event centred on Sailing being released as a new skill before it was considered for a potential real skill.

Details[edit | edit source]

Concept of a possible shipbuilding interface.

The details of the skill were expanded upon further by three development blogs and a trailer in August and September 2015. Examples included creating ships using different logs at various ports such as Port Sarim and Port Khazard, outfitting those ships with cannons of different tiers of metals, using those cannons in player-versus-player combat similar to the Wilderness, and exploring new islands which could only be reached with the Sailing skill.[1]

This proposal was concluded with a poll in which players were asked to vote for or against inclusion of a new Sailing skill. The poll ran from 10 September to 16 September 2015, resulting in a 68% Yes to 32% No vote, failing to reach the 75% required for implementation.

A player on a Sailing island, showing the concept Sailing skill icon.

Following the results of the poll, many of its advertised features, rewards, and locales were added separately in other updates. These include:

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Sailing Level Shipyards Hulls Upgrades Travelling
1 Port Sarim
One ship.
Crude Hull Wooden storage crate Port Sarim
2 Bronze hull plating
3 Musa point
4 Bronze cannon & cannonballs
5 Opal Figurehead
10 Members: Catherby Blurite hull plating Members: Catherby
11 Wooden storage chest
12 Blurite cannon & cannonballs Members:Entrana
15 Oak Hull Jade Figurehead Members:Fishing Platform (with Quest points Sea Slug completed)
18 Iron hull plating Members:Brimhaven
20 Members: Port Khazard Oak storage crate Members: Port Khazard
25 Red topaz figurehead
26 Silver hull plating Member:Karamja shipyard (with Quest points The Grand Tree completed)
28 Silver canon & cannonballs
30 Members: Feldip Hills

Two ships

Willow Hull Members: Feldip Hills
33 Oak storage chest
34 Steel hull plating
35 Members: Teak Hull Sapphire Figurehead Members: Pest Control
36 Steal cannon & cannonballs
40 Members: Rellekka (with Quest points The Fremennik Trials completed) Members: Rellekka
42 Gold hull plating Memeber: Waterbirth Island (with Quest points The Fremennik Trials completed)
44 Gold cannon & cannons

Members:Teak storage chest

45 Maple Hull Emerald Figurehead Member: Miscellania (with Quest points The Throne of Miscellania completed)
48 Members: Ice Berg[sic] (with Quest points Cold War completed)
50 Members: Port Tyras (with Quest points Regicide completed) Mithril hull plating Members: Port Tyras
52 Mithril canons & cannonballs
55 Members: Mahogany Hull Ruby Figurehead &

Members: Teak storage chest

Members: Atlandyes
57 Members: Jatizso and Neitiznot (with Quest points The Fremennik Isles completed)
58 Admantite hull plating
60 Members: Desert

Three ships

Members: Yew Hull Adamantite canon & cannonballs Members: Desert
65 Diamond figurehead Members: Lunar Isle (with Quest points Lunar Diplomacy completed)
66 Runite hull plating &

Members:Mahogany storage crate

68 Runite canon & cannonballs
70 Wilderness Wilderness
72 Members: Ape Atoll (with Quest points Monkey Madness completed)
74 Members:Granite hull plating
75 Members: Magic Hull Members: Dragonstone Figurehead Members: Fossil Island
76 Members: Granite cannon and cannonballs
77 Members:Mahogany storage chest
80 Members: Mos Le'Harmless (with Quest points Cabin Fever completed) Members: Mos Le'Harmless
82 Members:Dragon hull plating Members:Charlotanyia
84 Members:Dragon canon and cannonballs
85 Members: Crystal Hull Members: Onyx Figurehead Members: Harmony Island (with Quest points The Great Brain Robbery completed)
88 Members:Marble storage crate Members: Port Phasmatys (with Quest points Ghosts Ahoy completed)
90 Members: Burgh de Rott (with Quest points In Aid of the Myreque completed)

Four ships

Platinum hull plating Members: Burgh de Rott
92 Members:Serpentine cannon and ammo Members: Meiyerditch (with Quest points In Aid of the Myreque completed)
95 Members:Zenyte figurehead
99 Members: Magic storage chest


where all the boats be and the amount of ships you can have

Hulls and plating

The interior wood of your ship/metal

Chest and lootcrates

Storage of items

Gem figurehead

What do they even do?


Shoot the kraken

Concept art[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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