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Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A player fights Sarachnis, the mother of the temple spiders.

Sarachnis has several attacks that she will occasionally use other than the standard melee and ranged attacks. Her melee attacks consist of smashing the player with her legs, while she launches barbed projectiles as her ranged attack.

  • Healing strike - Sarachnis' standard attacks will heal her on successful hits, indicated by a Heal hitsplat.png magenta hitsplat. She heals 5 health for every successful melee attack, and 10 health for every successful ranged attack, regardless of how much damage she actually deals, including zeros.
  • Sticky web - Every four standard attacks, Sarachnis will screech out "Hsss!", shooting out a sticky web that leaves players bound for roughly three seconds, before moving a short distance away from where she was before attacking the player.
  • Spawns - When Sarachnis reaches 66% and 33% health, she summons 2 Spawn of Sarachnis per player; a level 68 that uses Magic and has a maximum hit of 11, and a level 107 that uses Melee and has a maximum hit of 13. Both have 30 health.

Suggested skills[edit | edit source]

  • Hitpoints 65+
  • Strength 65+
  • Attack 65+ (required to equip weapons like Sarachnis cudgel, leaf-bladed battleaxe)
  • Defence 65+ (to be able to tank some damage from minions)
  • Magic 60+ (for magic defence against mage minion)
  • Ranged 70+ (for magic defence armour)
  • Prayer 43+ (for protection prayers, 70 recommended for Piety)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sarachnis attacks with melee when players are adjacent to her, and Ranged when they are out of melee range; it is advised to pray Protect from Melee or Protect from Missiles accordingly, as they can hit up to 31 if they aren't protected against, and also heal her if they do manage to hit. Her melee range is deceptively large, so only enter her range when you are prepared to take a melee hit. It is encouraged to utilise Protect from Melee and Protect from Range at all times as her attacks are very accurate.

She is weak to crush weapons, and has high magic and ranged defence. Therefore, it is recommended to bring high strength bonus equipment and a crush weapon that can attack fast (such as an abyssal bludgeon.)

The fight is fairly simple; keep focusing on Sarachnis, and when the minions spawn, kill the mage spawn. The melee spawns may be tanked with sufficiently high defensive bonuses, although they do possess a fairly low aggression range and it's possible to shake them off if they spawn in the corners.

Try to only eat food while bound by the sticky web so you don't waste time doing it when you could be dealing damage instead.

When Sarachnis is killed, any remaining minions will automatically die off with her. She respawns 10 seconds after death, in the centre of the crypt.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Sarachnis is weak to crush and has high magic and ranged defence, therefore melee is the only viable method of killing her. All weapons (except the Scythe of vitur) should be on their crush setting (if available). She only attacks with melee if in range, or ranged if out of melee range. If you are hit off-prayer she will heal 5 for a melee attack, and 10 for a ranged hit, regardless of damage done (does not occur if hit with the "Hiss" ranged attack). Her mage spawn (the blue one) will inflict the most damage, so magic defence is a high priority. After being bound by the "Hiss" attack, Sarachnis will always fire a ranged attack. You should swap to Protect from Range for this then return to Protect from Melee when back in melee range. It is not recommended to kill the minions as the damage received from their attacks should be negligible because of the high mage defence. It is better to focus on Sarachnis, and to only switch prayer when bound by the web.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Dragon claws.pngDivine super combat potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Prayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).pngPrayer potion(4).png
Imbued heart.pngWilderness sword 1.pngXeric's talisman.pngTeleport to house (tablet).png
  1. ^ Only if on a slayer task.

Justiciar faceguard.png
Infernal cape.png
Amulet of blood fury.png
Rada's blessing 4.png
Dinh's bulwark.png
Justiciar chestguard.png
Justiciar legguards.png
Barrows gloves.png
Guardian boots.png
Ring of suffering (i).png

Dinh's bulwark, in conjunction with high-defence armour, allows players to not only tank a good majority of Sarachnis' attacks, but also allows a decent amount of damage to be dealt due to the bulwark's strength bonus being increased based on the player's average defence bonus.

With this method, players will take somewhat minimal damage and can simply pray Protect from Magic the entire fight. Players should be on the Arceuus spellbook to summon thralls, as well as using Death Charge in conjunction with the bulwark's special attack, which have a good chance of instantly killing spawns of Sarachnis that are in range of the bulwark's special attack.

Depending on agility level, players, prior to a trip, should drink a dose of stamina potion as the weight of this setup (ranging from 69 to 73 kg) will cause players to lose run energy very quickly.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Divine super combat potion(4).pngWilderness sword 1.pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Shark.pngShark.pngXeric's talisman.pngTeleport to house (tablet).png
Soul rune.pngDeath rune.pngBook of the dead.pngRune pouch.png
Blood rune.pngFire rune.pngCosmic rune.png

Equipment upgrades and downgrades[edit | edit source]