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Saradomin's tear is a crystalised tear that is said to have been shed by Saradomin himself, created when he wept over the wounds of Commander Zilyana, who became seriously injured in the Battle of Annakarl during the God Wars.

It can be purchased from Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing for 150 Last Man Standing points.

When attached to a Saradomin sword, it creates Saradomin's blessed sword, which adds +18 to slash attack and +6 to strength bonus. 75 Attack is required to wield Saradomin's blessed sword. Like the abyssal tentacle, it will consume the Saradomin sword after it has dealt 10,000 hits, leaving players with Saradomin's tear upon fully degrading.

When using the items on each other, there will be a warning message that states A blessed Saradomin sword is untradeable, with an Attack requirement of 75. After 10,000 hits, the sword crumbles to dust, and you get the Tear back.

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