Saradomin Brazier

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Saradomin Braziers can be found inside of the Hallowed Sepulchre on floor 2 or lower. The player can offer it two Vampyre dusts to pass through the Holy barrier and loot the coffin. Offering the brazier Vampyre dust requires 54 Prayer Prayer will award 200 experience. Crossing the holy barrier will reward the player between 50 and 75 Agility Agility experience depending on the floor, with experience being given for crossing both ways.

If equipped, the Hallowed symbol will halve required amount of Vampyre dust needed, to only one.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 4, Lower levelMember icon.png2Maplink
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 2, Upper levelMember icon.png4Maplink
Hallowed Sepulchre Floor 3, Upper levelMember icon.png2Maplink