Saviours of Kourend

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The Saviours of Kourend is a gang led by the Queen of Thieves.

Their headquarters are in The Warrens.

History[edit | edit source]

Founded by the "Queen of Thieves", the Saviours of Kourend are a labelled as a "criminal" organisation by the Kourend Council. Prior to their forming, the gangs of Kourend used to steal and kill without a whim; however, with the foundation of this gang, many of them have been joining their ranks. The few gangs that do not join them are often disposed of by their members and are made examples of to bring other gangs in line. Unlike the other violent gangs, the Saviours of Kourend only target corrupt, high-ranking officials and search for replacements who are willing to keep the kingdom alive.

During The Queen of Thieves quest, the player learns that their leader is actually Lady Shauna Piscarilius - she reveals to them that unlike her father (who was the previous Lord of Piscarilius), who cared only for himself, she cares about the people. She went to the Kourend Council to seek aid, but was denied as they too were also corrupt. They soon join as a member of the gang, and expose Councillor Hughes' dealings with the Disciples of Yama, funding their master's return. This leaves her seat vacant, and Tomas Lawry intends to take her spot - his motivations are unknown.

As of now, the gang silently waits for their next opportunity.