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Sawdust detail.png

Sawdust appears at a player's feet after asking the Sawmill operator to convert logs into planks. It currently has no use.

Its addition to the game was alluded to a day after its release in Postbag from the Hedge issue 9. When a player asked the sawmill operator how he explained the loss of weight when making planks, the operator responded that the weight loss was caused by the sawdust created when making said planks: He then goes on to say that he has to pay quite a lot to have the sawdust disposed of as he cannot just leave it lying around, before starting to wonder to himself if that is truly the case, implying that the sawmill operator stopped paying money to have the sawdust disposed of.[1]

The operator used to wander around freely, south of the Lumber Yard, which would cause many spawns of sawdust. Now the sawmill operator only works in a shed, in the Lumber Yard itself and the Woodcutting Guild, meaning there are now only two spawns for sawdust.

References[edit | edit source]

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