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This article is about the god. For the monster that appears in Icthlarin's Little Helper, see Scabaras (monster).

Scabaras is the god of isolation and one of the four minor gods of the Menaphite Pantheon, a collection of deities that rule over the Kharidian Desert. His followers are known as Scabarites. According to a legend from the Book of Light and Day, he was created from the last of four dreams the main god Tumeken once had over four days. The dream that resulted in Scabaras's creation was however a nightmare, born from Tumeken's feeling of isolation.

According to legend, Scabaras proclaimed himself omnipotent and demanded that he be the only god worshipped some time in the early Fourth Age. The people rebelled and banished the god, upon which his blood washed over scarabs to create the race of kalphites.[1] Inhowfar this is accurate remains up to debate, but the effect of the Keris dagger does seem to suggest that Scabarites and kalphites are somehow related.[2]

Regardless of the exact nature of Scabaras's disappearance, it is generally agreed that he suffered a 'fall from grace,' details of which are only known to the Menaphite and Sophanite clergy.[3] Jex suggests that the general knowledge about Scabaras is not necessarily accurate.

Another tale with a similar theme tells of the Sect of Scabaras, the god's following of 'architects of the subterranean'. They apparently decided to built a passage underneath the River Elid and Elidinis smote them for their insolence, not to be seen again.[4] Neite suggests that the sect were buried beneath the river itself.[5] Her followers fashioned the Keris dagger, especially effective against the Scabarites.[2] They resurfaced in 169 of the Fifth Age, however, attacking the Temple of the Lesser Gods from their tunnels that connect to Menaphos. The Scabarites, a race of apparent human and scarab hybrids, are rather aggressive and are responsible for the deaths of many Sophanites, as well as Kaleef.

An effigy of Scabaras resides in the High Priests' Pyramid.

References[edit | edit source]

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