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Scabarites refers to any of the followers (minions) of Scabaras, the God of the Scarabs. Scabarites are fairly strong monsters that can hit rather hard. As they generally share the same dungeon area and have various combat styles, it can be fairly difficult to fight them, even with protection prayers. To get as a slayer assignment player must have done most of the Contact! quest.[1]

Scabarites include:

Slayer strategy[edit | edit source]

  • When given minions of Scabaras as a Slayer task, any of the Scabarites listed above will count, excluding the scarabs and giant scarab.
  • They are generally assigned to slayer tasks in fairly mediocre numbers (Nieve assigns between 30 and 80).
  • A Dwarf multicannon could come in handy for those who can afford it.
  • Using full Guthans is a reasonable Slayer strategy.
  • A fast method to finish a Scabarite task is to use the Dwarf multicannon and melee in the Sophanem Dungeon. However, this method is not popular due to the high risks.
  • In the dungeon under Sophanem:
    • Make sure to bring a lantern and tinderbox. You should bring a tinderbox in-case your light source is extinguished.
    • Lower level of dungeon: Prayer potions and high healing food are necessary as well as a cannon. After banking at Sophanem, go down the ladder and head west past the Scarab mages. Deactivate the nearby trap and go down the ladder. Run to the northwest ladder and go up. Run as far south as possible and take the ladder to the west. Set the cannon up in the middle of the room and pray Protect from Missiles since the Locust riders hit quite often. With this method, Scabarite tasks take minimal time. It is recommended to keep HP 50+ and manually target the Scarab mages.
    • Alternatively, you could place your cannon and walk back up the stairs and keep going back and forth to add more cannonballs. This lengthens the amount of time it takes to complete the task but lowers your time on the dangerous dungeon floor.
    • Upper level of dungeon: Individual Scarab mages and Locust riders patrol this level, so even though they are aggressive, it is usually possible to fight just one Scabarite at a time. Also, a slain Scarabarite respawns quickly, so it is practical to stay in one spot and slay the same one multiple times. Be careful of the traps on this level.

Habitats[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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