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Scrubfoot chathead.png

Scrubfoot is a goblin spy in the employ of General Wartface and General Bentnoze from the Goblin Village and starting point of the 2020 Christmas Event. He is also the brother of Grubfoot. During the 2020 Christmas event he was sent by the goblin generals to spy on Falador and the Christmas preparations and celebrations going on there, with the intent of stealing Christmas. The player will quickly trick Scrubfoot to reveal his plan and tries to prevent the goblins from invading Falador, by teaching the goblins about Christmas instead.

Scrubfoot reluctantly complies and returns to the Goblin Village to learn about Christmas. Scrubfoot is ordered by the generals to find some festive lights to decorate the village. Scrubfoot enters a cave in the village and slides down a long icy slope, which in the end makes him collide directly with a wall. The player comes the goblin to the rescue and captures the "festive lights", which turns out to be fireflies.

After the 2020 Christmas event, Scrubfoot can be found at the end of the long icy slope collided with a wall looking for "festive lights". He cannot be found elsewhere.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]