Secrets of the North

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Secrets of the North (#156)
Secrets of the North.png
Released 11 January 2023 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Mahjarrat, #10
Official difficulty Master
Lead developer(s) Mod Ed

Secrets of the North is a quest in the Mahjarrat series announced during the Winter Summit 2022.

In the quest, the player forms an alliance with Mahjarrats Hazeel and General Khazard to try and solve the case of the sudden murder of Sir Ceril Carnillean, ultimately leading to an ancient prison deep beneath Weiss.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png The Carnillean Mansion in the south-west corner of East Ardougne
Official difficultyMaster
DescriptionOur story begins - as all good murder mysteries do - with a mysterious murder, and there's no shortage of suspects - in fact, you're one of them! Be prepared to form an uneasy alliance, dig up secrets best left buried deep, and walk away with more questions than answers...
Official lengthMedium
Items required
  • Combat level 85 Combat level
  • Antipoison or other form of poison protection
  • Any Ardougne cloak to teleport near several quest locations
  • Icy basalt to teleport to Weiss
Enemies to defeat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A Death in the Family[edit | edit source]

Guard (Carnillean) chathead.png
The scene of the crime in the Carnillean Mansion.

To start the quest, talk to the guard outside of the Carnillean Mansion in East Ardougne; the fastest way to reach it is to teleport to the Battlefield by way of spirit tree. The guard will ask for your help in solving a crime.

Follow the guard upstairs, where you will find a murdered Ceril Carnillean. Inspect the various objects in the room, starting with Ceril's corpse. You will discover that Ceril has been stabbed in the back with an "unusually thin blade", and that the window has been broken from the outside. Next, knock-at the northern wall to reveal a hidden room. Climb up the ladder, and inspect the chest to find that it has been broken into and emptied.

Return to the guard and tell him about these findings, and he will then show you an amulet which was found by the window. The amulet bears the symbol of the Khazard Army, with 'Evelot' engraved into the back. He suggests you search for more information at the Fight Arena bar, as he can't investigate the Khazard Army himself, because the army operates with approval from the monarchy.

On the Trail[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 100 coins, Combat equipment to defeat Evelot (level 148)
Tracking down Evelot around the Fight Arena.

Make your way south to the bar in the south-west corner of the Fight Arena. Players can reach the area quickly by use of the Watchtower or Yanille teleports. Upon arrival, ask the Khazard Barman if he knows anyone named 'Evelot', and give him 100 coins as a bribe.

He says that she recently left in a hurry, and suggests looking around outside. Inspect the barrels just outside the bar entrance to begin tracking Evelot. Next, search the northwest boulders at the end of the trail, then the northeast bush, the tree stump, another set of boulders, and finally another bush (east of you). The trail will lead you clockwise around the periphery of the arena to a rowboat just south of the Tower of Life, where Evelot will be standing. Upon approaching her, you will enter an instance; she will engage in a short dialogue, after which you will have to fight her.

Fighting Evelot[edit | edit source]

Evelot attacks with melee, which can be completely blocked with the Protect from Melee prayer. However, every few attacks, she will use a special attack that disables protection prayers and drains prayer points, so be ready to turn them on and drink a restoration potion if needed. Be warned that even with good armour, Evelot can still hit up to 34 without protection, and she is moderately accurate.

Evelot is weakest to magic attacks, and has high melee defence. Note that she cannot be safespotted, and she is also immune to binds and freeze spells. If you run too far away, the fight will end and you must restart. If you die during this fight, your gravestone will appear south of the south of the Tower of Life, outside the fight instance.

When defeated, she will tell you about her role in the crime; she was hired to break in and steal a certain scroll from the Carnillean mansion, but insists that she was not Ceril's killer. She then delivered the scroll to the Hazeel cultists, only to discover that they did not hire her to retrieve it.

The Mysterious Benefactor[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Lockpick or hair clip

Make your way to the Hazeel Cult, by the cave entrance to the Ardougne Sewers slightly north west of the Ardougne Monastery and east of the Clock Tower. Players can reach the area quickly by teleporting to the monastery via an Ardougne cloak. Board the raft upon entry, and talk to Alomone who will summon Hazeel or go directly to Clivet and Hazeel if you killed Alomone previously (Hazeel has been awakened regardless of the player's actions during the quest Hazeel Cult). Suspicious of the mysterious third party's intentions, Clivet is instructed to summon Khazard to the cult dungeon, where the two Mahjarrat discuss the third party still at large. Hazeel suggests that you return to the mansion and question the Carnillean family to find more information.

Picking the lock on the chest.

Return to the Carnillean mansion, and update the guard with your progress; you must talk to the guard before questioning the family, who will otherwise refuse to talk to you. Philipe and Henryeta will not provide much of use, but Claus the Chef in the basement reveals that he felt a sudden feeling of cold around the time of the murder, and saw a shadow. Searching the south-west shelves reveals a small button that unlocks a wall on the north side of the room, next to the noticeboard. Inspect the wall to enter the passage behind this wall and picklock the chest in the room.

To pick the lock, move the pins along to specific positions. They will appear blue if the number is correct but in the wrong position, and green if that pin is at the correct position. Multiple pins can have the same number, but a maximum of 1 guess will appear blue at a time for a given number which can be misleading. The ordering does not change attempt to attempt. Players who have difficulty picking the lock can use a Mastermind solver to decode the pins.

Inside the chest you will find a dusty scroll. Inspect the scroll to see a faded symbol, then take it scroll back to Hazeel and Khazard, who become mysteriously concerned and decide that it's time to return to the North. As Hazeel does not wish to attract any attention from the other Mahjarrat, and since you are on friendly terms with the ice trolls of Weiss, he asks that you accompany them there.

In the North[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat equipment to defeat the assassin
Items recommended: Antipoison

Head to the northern entrance of Weiss, where you will find Dead Wolf and Big Fish, who are shapeshifted manifestations of General Khazard and Hazeel. They will have you speak to Snowflake and My Arm and see if they have seen anything odd recently. They tell you that there was recently a cave-in down in the mine and that Goat Poo saw a strange shadow whilst investigating it.

Return to Big Fish, who reveals that the area used to be Ghorrock, a settlement of the Zarosian Empire during the Second Age, and that the missing crest was one half used to seal the prison below. You then tell them of what Snowflake and My Arm told you, and they tell will ask you to meet them in the Salt Mine.

IMPORTANT: Be fully prepared for combat before entering the cave. Bring antipoison.

The player and Khazard fight the assassin.

Head down the stairs in the main building, and go through the southern cave entrance that's opened up into the prison. This will begin a cutscene where you and Khazard come across an assassin that you've met during the events of Devious Minds. He will attack you.

General Khazard will assist you in the fight, but don't expect him to handle the assassin completely. Still retaining the bow-sword that you made for him before, the assassin will attack with both ranged and melee. He will react accordingly to protection prayers, so pray against what you're weakest against. The assassin cannot be damaged normally as he is too fast, but he will throw smoke bombs around the arena which he can be lured into. This will obscure his vision, allowing him to be hurt. The assassin will also throw green vials, which will deal up to 30 damage and inflict poison starting at 6 damage if the player runs into one.

Note: If you die during this fight, your gravestone will appear inside the Salt Mine, outside the cave entrance to Ghorrock Dungeon.

After the fight, the assassin will seemingly vanish; Khazard demands an explanation as to how you knew them. After learning of the events, he tells you to talk to Hazeel while he guards the door leading to the prison. Hazeel deduces that a third Mahjarrat may still be hiding nearby with the other half of the crest required to unseal the prison, as two of his Zarosian kin had sealed away a dangerous abomination in there and rumors began to swirl that a powerful artefact was also sealed with it. While he guards the exit to the dungeon, he tasks you with investigating the area for him.

Secrets of the Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Begin searching various accessible objects in the area and acquire the required items:

Read Tullia's letter and make note of the purple letters: "S, p, c, d, l". By using the ancient map and moving from Senntisten, Paddewwa, Carrallangar, Dareeyak, and Lassar, the direction moved would be left, up, left, and down. Input these into the northern gate's lock then press "Confirm" to open it.

Next, search the chest inside for a strange list. Then, use the handle on the lever mechanism, and pull it. Head to the room where you fought the assassin, and inspect the south-western pillar to find a jewel shard and a strange cipher.

Use the strange list to fill in the blank letters in the Duke note (for example, the first name in the Duke note is Picus), and then match the symbols with the letters in the strange cipher. For example, the symbol for Orcus is >, which the strange cipher displays as the letter L.

The player investigates the Ghorrock Dungeon on behalf of the Mahjarrat.

Correctly filling in the Duke note, combined with the symbols from the strange list and cipher, will uncover the hidden message "BOUND BY BLOOD". BLOOD is the passcode to the gate in the centre of the dungeon; input the letters into the lock and enter the gate.

Search the damaged table in the southern part of the room to receive a numbers note, and the crate in the western part for a tinderbox. Reading it shows the player the number 3241, with "4: NE" on the top right. Each number corresponds to the location of a brazier, and certain texts you've acquired have this indicator; the strange cipher contains "1: SW", the ancient map contains "2: SE", and the strange list contains "3: NW". Using the numbers note, you must light the braziers in this order: north-west, south-east, north-east, and lastly south-west. This unlocks the western chest.

Search the chest to receive a settlements note and another jewel shard. Use one shard on the other to create the ancient jewel; this will be used shortly. Read the settlements note, showing an arrangement of old Zarosian settlements. Using the ancient map, connect each settlement as instructed in the settlements note. For example, connecting "Kharid-et - Kharyrll - Senntisten" on the ancient map gives the player the shape of the number 7. Performing this for the other three lines on the note in order will give the player the number 7402, which is the passcode for the northern chest. Input the passcode to receive an icy chest.

Use the ancient jewel on the icy chest to open it, giving the icy key; use it to unlock the gate south-west of the centre room. A crevice can be found beyond the gate; before entering, it is recommended to resupply and re-gear for both magic and ranged.

A Strange "Something"[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat equipment to defeat the Strange Creature (level 368)
The player fights the Strange Creature.

Enter the crevice, where a Strange Creature will appear and attack. It has 550 health, and attacks with both Melee and Ranged. When its carapace is brown, it will attack with melee; kiting with magic attacks appears to be most effective for this form. Freezing it with ice spells is also viable, but note that it possesses a 25% freeze resistance, meaning it will only stay frozen for 75% of the base freeze duration of ice spells.

When its carapace is green, it is using ranged, ranged attacks are effective for this form but melee may also be a strong alternative. Whilst ranging, it can also unleash a blast of energy that deals magic damage, indicated with it raising its arms and charging energy in its mouth. The attack will inflict corruption on the player if it isn't protected against.

The creature will change forms after taking a set amount of damage, so be prepared to swap gear accordingly. It will also periodically slam spikes into the ground which should be avoided, as they will deal moderate damage, knock the player to a clear tile, and heal the creature if stepped on. The spikes will always appear on the player's location when it changes forms. It can also unleash a barrage of orbs that damage players if they touch it, as well as homing spikes on the player.

Upon reaching ~20% of its health, the creature will teleport to the centre of the room and unleash a powerful shockwave that deals massive damage if not dodged and changes to its ranged form. To dodge the attack, hide behind one of the spikes. The creature will then activate a prayer shield and Soul Split. This shield has a capacity of 40 and will drain over time, but the player can speed it up by attacking it with the Smite prayer active. Try to make the attacks off-sync so you can both drain the shield and mitigate damage. Once the shield shatters, the creature can be attacked again as normal.

Note: If you die during the boss fight, your gravestone will appear inside the Salt Mine, outside the cave entrance to Ghorrock Dungeon.

More Mahjarrat, More Problems[edit | edit source]

The assassin approaches Jhallan.

Once the creature is defeated, it will transform into Jhallan, another Mahjarrat. He then notices you and attempts to question you, but before anything could happen, the assassin appears and casts a spell on Jhallan, teleporting him away, and disappearing again.

You will report what happened to Hazeel and Khazard, just as the strange barrier dissipates, unsealing the prison. They will realize the assassin is capable of entering the Shadow Realm. Khazard will leave behind a regiment of troops to secure the area, and Hazeel will offer you a teleport back to East Ardougne. Accept the teleport, and report back to the guard to complete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Secrets of the North reward scroll.png

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Secrets of the North Unlocked upon entering the Ghorrock Dungeon
In the Shadows Unlocked during the fight with the assassin
More Than Meets the Eye Unlocked during the fight with the Strange Creature

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The quest was first pitched as a nameless master-level quest, with vague details about the plot, the quest boss, and its rewards for defeating it post-quest, whose names were changed to keep the Zarosian nature of the rewards a secret. The true name of the quest and its rewards from the boss were later revealed in the Winter Summit 2022 a month later.
  • In the end of many Mahjarrat quests, the importance of the north is mentioned via the many Mahjarrat telling the player or other that they "will meet again in the north".