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This article is about the Tithe Farm reward. For the reward from farming contracts, see seed pack.
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The seed box is an item that can store up to 2,147,483,647 seeds of six different types. It is purchased from Farmer Gricoller at the Tithe Farm for 250 points. This item cannot be used directly on a farming patch; players must remove the seeds they want to use in order to plant them.

Like Gricoller's can, players can only own one seed box at a time. It is useful to bring to Slayer tasks and bosses which drop a large variety of seeds commonly, such as Nechryaels, to save inventory space. Ultimate Ironmen may find the seed box very useful, as it saves up to five inventory spaces while training Farming and Herblore.

Since players could instead use the Tithe Farm points to buy 125 grape seed to sell them in the Grand Exchange, the cost of the seed box could be approximated to 729,000.

The interface when checking the seed box.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 February 2016
The weight of the seed box was reduced from 6 to 1 kg.