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The seed vault is a storage system found in the Farming Guild, directly west of the bank chest. It functions much like a bank, being able to store all common types of seeds used in Farming - not seeds given through quests. The seed vault does not store seedlings or saplings.

The vault has a "Favourite Slots" tab where players can place up to eight types of seeds they frequently use, readily accessible for convenience.

In addition, if players receive seeds from Managing Miscellania that are already present in the seed vault, they will automatically be transferred to the vault rather than the player's bank. For seeds that the player receives that aren't present in the vault, it will be placed in their bank instead.

Ultimate ironmen cannot use the seed vault.

The interface that opens when opening the seed vault.

Use[edit | edit source]

The seed vault's primary usage is to reduce the amount of bank space used by seeds. Seeds stored in the vault are only accessible by interacting with the vault itself, so players may not want to store seeds commonly used on farming runs there. The seed vault is ideally used for storing seeds that are not commonly needed, or seeds that may be necessary for farming contracts.

Seeds that can be stored[edit | edit source]

Allotment[edit | edit source]

Allotment seeds
Potato seed 5.png Potato Onion seed 5.png Onion Cabbage seed 5.png Cabbage
Tomato seed 5.png Tomato Sweetcorn seed 5.png Sweetcorn Strawberry seed 5.png Strawberry
Watermelon seed 5.png Watermelon Snape grass seed 5.png Snape grass

Flowers[edit | edit source]

Flower seeds
Marigold seed 5.png Marigold Rosemary seed 5.png Rosemary Nasturtium seed 5.png Nasturtium
Woad seed 5.png Woad Limpwurt seed 5.png Limpwurt White lily seed 5.png White lily

Herbs[edit | edit source]

Herb seeds
Guam seed 5.png Guam leaf Marrentill seed 5.png Marrentill Tarromin seed 5.png Tarromin
Harralander seed 5.png Harralander Ranarr seed 5.png Ranarr weed Toadflax seed 5.png Toadflax
Irit seed 5.png Irit leaf Avantoe seed 5.png Avantoe Kwuarm seed 5.png Kwuarm
Snapdragon seed 5.png Snapdragon Cadantine seed 5.png Cadantine Lantadyme seed 5.png Lantadyme
Dwarf weed seed 5.png Dwarf weed Torstol seed 5.png Torstol

Hops[edit | edit source]

Hop seeds
Barley seed 5.png Barley Hammerstone seed 5.png Hammerstone Asgarnian seed 5.png Asgarnian
Jute seed 5.png Jute Yanillian seed 5.png Yanillian Krandorian seed 5.png Krandorian
Wildblood seed 5.png Wildblood

Bushes[edit | edit source]

Bush seeds
Redberry seed 5.png Redberry Cadavaberry seed 5.png Cadava berry Dwellberry seed 5.png Dwellberry
Jangerberry seed 5.png Jangerberry Whiteberry seed 5.png White berry Poison ivy seed 5.png Poison ivy berry

Trees[edit | edit source]

Tree seeds
Acorn 5.png Acorn Willow seed 5.png Willow Teak seed 5.png Teak
Maple seed 5.png Maple Mahogany seed 5.png Mahogany Yew seed 5.png Yew
Magic seed 5.png Magic Redwood tree seed 5.png Redwood

Fruit trees[edit | edit source]

Fruit tree seeds
Apple tree seed 5.png Apple Banana tree seed 5.png Banana Orange tree seed 5.png Orange
Curry tree seed 5.png Curry Pineapple seed 5.png Pineapple Papaya tree seed 5.png Papaya
Palm tree seed 5.png Palm Dragonfruit tree seed 5.png Dragonfruit

Exotic[edit | edit source]

Exotic seeds
Seaweed spore 5.png Seaweed Grape seed 5.png Grape Mushroom spore 5.png Mushroom
Cactus seed 5.png Cactus Belladonna seed 5.png Belladonna Potato cactus seed 5.png Potato cactus
Hespori seed 5.png Hespori Calquat tree seed 5.png Calquat Spirit seed 5.png Spirit
Celastrus seed 5.png Celastrus

Anima[edit | edit source]

Anima seeds
Attas seed 5.png Attas Iasor seed 5.png Iasor Kronos seed 5.png Kronos
The assortment of seeds visible in the seed vault.

Trivia[edit | edit source]