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Seren is the goddess of light, patron goddess of the elves and the divine aspect of light energy, Zaros' opposing counterpart. She was created by the Elder God Mah on the world of Freneskae, before she left and settled on Tarddiad with the elves, and eventually brought them with her to Gielinor. She inspired the elves to build their city, Prifddinas, the way they did so they could communicate, protect themselves and prosper. She is the original provider of elven crystal and is present within all of it.

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Seren was created aeons ago on the planet Freneskae by the Elder god Mah alongside her companion Zaros. Seren cared deeply for Mah, but Zaros began to resent her and her control and longed to escape, offering Seren to come with him, but Seren refused. Zaros eventually left Freneskae, and Seren witnessed how his absence effected Mah, Seren tried to calm her, but to little avail. Seren also witnessed how Mah in her sleep began to create new beings, the Mahjarrat, pale imitations of herself and Zaros. Seren discovered that the creation of these beings weakened Mah, and to get the energy back, Seren taught the Mahjarrat the Ritual of Rejuvenation, where they would sacrifice one of their numbers to restore her. Despite Seren's efforts, Mah continued to grow weaker and her dreams began to manifest to more horrific and instinctual creatures, and seeing she can no longer do anything to help her, she leaves her.

The Goddess of the Elves[edit | edit source]

Seren wandered the universe, visiting many worlds, and eventually set foot upon the elven world Tarddiad. She was enamored with the elves and the feelings were mutual. However, she was deeply horrified, when they died of old age, and in desperation she prolonged their lives with her essence through a song per elven tradition called the Song of Creation. Though it extended the elves' lifespans for centuries, she soon found out that the further she strayed from them, they would die of immense pain.

Sometime later, the god Guthix came to Tarddiad and persuaded her to come to the perfect world filled with immense power. Seren decided to go, as she wanted to return the elves back to their normal state and this world may have had the power she needed to do so. Though the elves were hesitant to leave their homeworld behind, they eventually agreed to journey with Seren to this new world.

From there, they settled in the lands called Tirannwn and created the massive crystal city of Prifddinas to remind them of their old home. Seren sensed a large amount of power and set out to find what she needed. It took her a millennia, but she eventually located a source of energy, revealed to be massive death energy. She believed that the negative death energy would counter her positive light energy and allow the elves to finally live normal lives. Seren poured her essence into the creation of a fragment of herself, but to her surprise, the fragment immediately attempted to kill her. Seren defeated the fragment, but unwilling to kill it, instead had it sealed in the Temple of Light. An orb of pure light and darkness were also created as an additional safeguard, but Seren decided not to destroy them, as she still questioned her decision, and it was up to the elves to discover and decide what to do with it.

The God Wars[edit | edit source]

During the God Wars, Seren protected her elves from direct involvement in the war. When Guthix banished the gods by creating the Edicts of Guthix, Seren was also forced to leave despite not being a major participant in the war. However, knowing that her curse would kill the elves if she left, and that they were most likely unwilling to leave, decided to shatter herself into numerous crystal shards across Tirannwn to ensure they could live without her full presence.

Elven Civil War[edit | edit source]

With Seren gone, the elves were in a panic as they had no one to look to. Lord Baxtorian Cadarn and his wife Queen Glarial restored order and eventually left Tirannwn to settle in the lands east of the Garlapos Mountains. Lord Iorwerth caused a civil war in the process after misinterpreting her message and tried to free the fragment, forcing Baxtorian to return with most of Clan Cadarn to stop Iorwerth, but he was defeated and his kingdom was in ruins when he returned. During this time, he broke one of the nine seals to prevent Prifddinas from falling into the hands of men and learned that a part of Seren was trapped in the Temple of Light.

Lord Iorwerth would make an alliance with King Lathas by quarantining West Ardougne, allowing Iorwerth's elves, disguised as "mourners" to take slaves to find where the Temple of Light was located. However, a human adventurer who was affiliated with the rebels, managed to reactivate the Temple's safeguards, preventing it from being accessed in the next thousand years.

Following King Lathas' execution, Lord Iorwerth sent several hooded figuress to capture them and Elena, though before they can be taken prisoner, Arianwyn and the elven resistance arrive to stop them. Lord Iorwerth revealed that he thought Seren to be dead, but when he broke the seal, found that she was alive. He intended to free the fragment, which he eventually does so after launching an attack on the dwarves' camp in the Underground Pass as he learned they have a backdoor entrance to the Temple.

Breaking through the safeguards and possessing both orbs, Lord Iorwerth freed the fragment of Seren. The fragment immediately noticed the adventurer and dragged them to its realm, believing it to be a servant of Seren sent to dispose of her themselves. The adventurer defeated the fragment with Lord Iorwerth giving his last remarks after the ensuing battle. He stated that although the fragment was angry, it was also confused, hurt, and innocent; reflecting much of his own thoughts and actions during these moments.