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Location of the servants.

A Servant is an NPC that players can hire for various services in their player-owned house. There are five different servants, each having a higher Construction level requirement and offering better services than the last.

Hiring a servant[edit | edit source]

Players can hire a servant at the Servants' Guild, which is located north of the marketplace in East Ardougne. All five servants wander inside the building except for the servant the player has hired. Before hiring any servant, the player must meet three requirements:

  • The player must have the required Construction level.
  • The player's house must have at least two bedrooms with beds constructed in each one. If one of the beds is removed, then the servant will not become present again until the bed is rebuilt and the player exits and re-enters the house.
  • The player must not have a servant already hired.

If the player wants to fire or switch servants, the player must fire their current servant by either talking to them in the player's house, or by talking to the Chief servant at the Servants' Guild.[1]

Types of servants[edit | edit source]

Servant Construction
Cost Food served Sawmill Capacity Minimum Cost per Item Trip Time Maximum Cost per Hour
Rick chathead.png Rick 20 500 coins Shrimps No 6 items 10.42 60s 3,750.00
Maid chathead.png Maid 25 1,000 coins Stew No 10 items 12.50 30s 15,000.00
Cook (servant) chathead.png Cook 30 3,000 coins Pineapple pizza Yes 16 items 23.44 17s 79,411.76
Butler chathead.png Butler 40 5,000 coins Chocolate cake Yes 20 items 31.25 12s 187,500.00
Demon butler chathead.png Demon butler 50 10,000 coins Curry Yes 26 items 48.08 7s 642,857.14

Services[edit | edit source]

The services provided by servants can be cosmetic or vital resources for training Construction efficiently. All of the servants have the same basic services, but the main difference is that the higher-level servants have larger inventories and quicker response times. All of the servants can:

  • Be summoned via the bell-pull in the dining room or the Call Butler button on the House Options interface
  • Follow the player like a pet if there are still items to claim from them, even in building mode
  • Greet visiting players as they enter the house
  • Lead visiting players to the owner if the owner is in another room
  • Lead visiting players outside
  • Serve tea to the owner
  • Serve food to the owner and the visiting players provided the player has a dining room with a table and a kitchen with the necessary supplies
  • Serve drinks from the barrel to the owner and the visiting players
  • Fetch building materials from the bank:
  • Take items to the bank
  • Un-note noted items (excluding bones), taking the same amount of time as fetching from the bank

The cook, butler, and demon butler can also take logs to the sawmill for conversion into planks. Noted logs can be used, but the servant must first un-note them and upon returning to the player with the un-noted logs, they'll be automatically deposited to the player's inventory, the player has the option of having the servant take them to the sawmill if the player talks to the servant again.

Payment[edit | edit source]

Servants only accept money directly from the player's inventory or by storing coins in a servant's moneybag.

After using a servant's paid services eight times, players are required to either pay or fire them. The servant cannot be used for anything else before the payment is made; the servant will temporarily keep the items and will not give them until the player pays. Any items that the servant is holding will be deposited in the bank if the player leaves the house or if the servant is fired.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 July 2015

It is now possible to call your PoH Servant using the house options menu found in settings.

30 April 2015

Added missing full stops on some POH Servant dialogue.

8 May 2014

POH Butlers now spawn more reliably when fetching items.

References[edit | edit source]

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