Servant (ScapeRune)

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Servant (ScapeRune, male) chathead.png
Servant (ScapeRune, female) chathead.png

The Servant is a human NPC that appears only on Evil Bob's Island in the ScapeRune dimension. The Servant helps the players to escape the island, by showing them where to fish for the Fish-like thing that is required to put Evil Bob to sleep.

Having given Evil Bob the fish and seen him fall asleep, the players could urge the servant to come with them back to RuneScape.

When refused, female players to the female servant would say, "Oh, alright then", but male players to the female servant had the option to admit their love for the servant saying "But I love you!", however she would still remain reluctant to leave saying "Our love cannot be". This is the same if the genders were reversed.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]