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The Servants' Guild is the only guild in Old School RuneScape one cannot join. It can be found north of the marketplace in East Ardougne. This is where one can hire servants for their player-owned house. The head of the guild is Chief servant.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Servant Construction
Cost Food served Sawmill Capacity Minimum Cost per Item Trip Time Maximum Cost per Hour
Rick chathead.png Rick 20 500 coins Shrimps No 6 items 10.42 60s 3,750
Maid chathead.png Maid 25 1,000 coins Stew No 10 items 12.5 30s 15,000
Cook (servant) chathead.png Cook 30 3,000 coins Pineapple pizza Yes 16 items 23.44 17s 79,411.76
Butler chathead.png Butler 40 5,000 coins Chocolate cake Yes 20 items 31.25 12s 187,500
Demon butler chathead.png Demon butler 50 10,000 coins Curry Yes 26 items 48.08 7s 642,857.14
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