Seven Priestly Warriors

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Seven statues honouring the Seven Priestly Warriors surrounding a well to the River Salve.

The Seven Priestly Warriors is a term widely applied to Ivandis Seergaze, Iriandul Caistlyn, Sarl Dunegun, Derygull Templeton, Erysail the Pious, Friar Twiblick, and Essiandar Gar, Temple Knights that defended Misthalin and Asgarnia from invading Morytanian forces during the Misthalin - Morytania War, in roughly 1200 of the Fourth Age. They fought at Silvarea, upon which the Paterdomus was constructed after their death in battle. Of them, only Ivandis Seergaze of Lumbridge survived the direct conflict with Lord Drakan's forces, although he himself died during a later venture into the region.

The warriors also blessed the River Salve in year 1200 of the Fourth Age, creating a barrier to prevent Morytanian invasion in the future. This blessing has held, although there have been several instances of crossing through various methods. The warriors remain some of humanity's most universally celebrated historical figures, although they are most frequently referenced in Misthalanian lore and history.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Lumbridge wasn't constructed until the year 1937 of the Fourth Age, Ivandis Seergaze originated there sometime before year 1200 of the Fourth Age. Likewise, Sarl Dunegun comes from Edgeville, which was known as Ghost Town before being renovated and named in 169 of the Fifth Age. According to Mod Jack, the author of The sleeping seven, written about two hundred years ago, used modern terms.