Shadow spells

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Shadow spells are one of four types of Ancient Magicks combat spells. In addition to dealing damage, they have a chance to lower the target's Attack level.

Shadow spells may refer to:

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes Base XP Max damage
(without bonuses)
Target's Attack
Shadow Rush.png Shadow Rush icon (mobile).png Shadow Rush Magic 52 1Air 2Chaos 2Death 1Soul 31 14 10%
Shadow Burst.png Shadow Burst icon (mobile).png Shadow Burst Magic 64 1Air 4Chaos 2Death 2Soul 37 18 10%
Shadow Blitz.png Shadow Blitz icon (mobile).png Shadow Blitz Magic 76 2Air 2Blood 2Death 2Soul 43 24 15%
Shadow Barrage.png Shadow Barrage icon (mobile).png Shadow Barrage Magic 88 4Air 2Blood 4Death 3Soul 49 28 15%

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