Shattered Relic Hunter (T3)

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A player wearing a Shattered Relic Hunter (T3) set.

The Shattered Relic Hunter (T3) is a cosmetic set of clothing representing the Shattered Relics League. It can be purchased for 15,000 League points from the Leagues Reward Shop. It consists of a hood, top, trousers, and boots.

Purchasing the tier 3 outfit from the Leagues Reward Shop comes with a Shattered cane. Wearing the tier 3 outfit is required to perform the Shattered cane's emotes.

The set can be stored in an armour case in a player-owned house – the Shattered cane is stored seperately. It can also be displayed by using it on furniture built in the League hall's outfit stand space.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Shattered hood (t3).png Shattered hood (t3) 283,383
Shattered top (t3).png Shattered top (t3) 257,843
Shattered trousers (t3).png Shattered trousers (t3) 238,944
Shattered boots (t3).png Shattered boots (t3) 228,134
Total 1,008,304
Shattered relic hunter (t3) armour set.png Shattered relic hunter (t3) armour set 7,227,099
Difference 6,218,795

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