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Interface for equipping fragments.

Fragments are the result of The Sage shattering relics into fragments and scattering them across Gielinor. Fragments are weaker in isolation, compared to relics of previous leagues but they can be combined to form very powerful set effects. Players are limited to a set amount of active fragments at a time, up to a maximum of seven, but they can be exchanged while inside a bank, near a bank chest, or near The Sage.

Obtaining fragments

Fragments can be collected from skilling, bossing, clue scrolls, and other activities. Most fragments are obtained through RNG means. The chance to acquire a fragment is based on activity and is scaled by the amount of XP acquired.[1] The activity type also corresponds to the pool of obtainable fragments. For example, while players are Fishing, only fishing-related fragments are unlockable. Combat fragments are unlocked using any combat style, and are organised into tiers that correspond to difficulty. Higher tiered combat fragments are only obtained by attempting difficult content such as Fight Caves or high level bosses. Fragments are dropped to the floor when receiving one with a full inventory.

Slots and passives

The number of equipped fragments is limited by the number of fragment slots that a player has unlocked by completing tasks. When each new fragment tier is achieved, one fragment slot and one relic passive are unlocked.

Fragment levels

Each fragment has one base effect and two set effects. The base effect of fragments have levels that increase the base effect. Gaining any experience in any unlocked skill while the fragment is equipped will gain 1 XP, at a maximum of one per 4 ticks.[2] Obtaining a duplicate fragment also grants 500 experience for that fragment, even if it is not currently equipped. Fragments are removed from the potential drop table when their base level has reached the maximum level.

Combat Tiers

Combat fragments have four tiers, labelled as tiers 1-4 on the table below.

Tier 1 fragments are dropped by most normal NPCs, and tier 2 fragments are awarded from lower level PvM content, such as Dagannoth Kings and Barrows. Meanwhile, tier 3 fragments are obtained from mid-game content, such as The Gauntlet, Kraken, and Zulrah. Lastly, tier 4 fragments are dropped by other bosses such as from the TzHaar Fight Cave, God Wars Dungeon Bosses, and the Theatre of Blood.

Reaching tier 3 in league points grants a random tier 1 combat fragment, tier 5 grants a random tier 2 combat fragment, and tier 7 grants a random tier 3 combat fragment.

Combat tier Dropped by
1 Most normal NPCs, as well as Bryophyta, Chasm crawler, Crushing hand, Giant Mole, Grotesque Guardians, The Mimic, Obor, Screaming banshee, Screaming twisted banshee
2 Barrows, Bryophyta, Dagannoth Kings, Giant Mole, Grotesque Guardians, Hespori, The Mimic, Obor, Sarachnis, Skotizo

Superior slayer monsters: Chasm crawler, Cockathrice, Crushing hand, Flaming pyrelord, Giant rockslug, Infernal pyrelord, Monstrous basilisk, Screaming banshee, Screaming twisted banshee

3 Abyssal sire, Cerberus, The Gauntlet, Kalphite Queen, King black dragon, Kraken, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Vorkath, Zulrah

Superior slayer monsters: Abhorrent spectre, Basilisk Sentinel, Cave abomination, Choke devil, Colossal Hydra, Greater abyssal demon, Guardian Drake, Insatiable Bloodveld, Insatiable mutated Bloodveld, King kurask, Marble gargoyle, Nechryarch, Night beast, Nuclear smoke devil, Repugnant spectre, Shadow Wyrm, Spiked Turoth, Vitreous Jelly, Vitreous warped Jelly

4 Alchemical Hydra, Chambers of Xeric, Corporeal Beast, Fight Caves, God Wars Dungeon bosses, Inferno, The Nightmare, Phosani's Nightmare, Theatre of Blood

Fragment list

Set effects


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