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Overview[edit | edit source]

Fletching is primarily useful as a source of ammunition for the Ranged combat style. Many kinds of high-level ranged ammunition such as Dragon bolts and Dragon darts are frequently dropped in unfinished form and a high fletching level is necessary to complete them.

Skill synergies[edit | edit source]

Set effects and fragments[edit | edit source]

Fragments[edit | edit source]

Profletchional[edit | edit source]

Level Effect
1 Fletching logs and stringing bows grant 30% more Fletching experience.
2 Fletching experience is increased by 50%.
3 Fletching experience is doubled.

Set effects[edit | edit source]

Set effects[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Name Task Requirements Comp%
Beginner Fletch Some Arrow Shafts Fletch some arrow shafts. N/A 89%
Easy Fletch an Oak Shortbow Fletch an Oak Shortbow. Fletching 20 Fletching 64%
Easy Fletch 150 Iron Arrows Fletch 150 iron arrows. Fletching 15 Fletching 62%
Medium Fletch a Willow Shortbow Fletch a willow shortbow. Fletching 35 Fletching 64%
Medium Create a Mithril Grapple Create a mithril grapple. Fletching 59 Fletching
Smithing 59 Smithing to make Mith grapple tip
Medium Fletch some Broad Arrows or Bolts Fletch either some Broad Arrows or some Broad Bolts. Fletching 52 Fletching
Broader fletching (300 Slayer reward points)
Medium Fletch 50 Maple Longbow (u) in Kandarin Fletch 50 maple longbow (u) in Kandarin. Fletching 55 Fletching 60%
Hard Fletch a Magic Shortbow Fletch a Magic Shortbow. Fletching 80 Fletching 45%
Hard Fletch a Rune Crossbow Fletch a Rune Crossbow. Fletching 69 Fletching 33%
Elite Reach Level 99 Fletching Reach level 99 in your Fletching skill. Fletching 99 Fletching 15%
Elite Obtain 25 Million Fletching XP Obtain 25 million experience in your Fletching skill. Fletching 99 Fletching 3.1%

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Temple of Ikov can be completed with 40 Ranged for 8,000 base Fletching experience, enough to skip to level 40 with the 5x XP multiplier.