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Shattered Relics League
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Overview[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting requires 5 Sage's Renown to unlock.

Skill synergies[edit | edit source]

Set effects and fragments[edit | edit source]

Fragments[edit | edit source]

Slash & Burn[edit | edit source]

Level Effect
1 Players have a 20% chance of burning logs upon chopping them.

When this occurs, Firemaking experience is granted, even if players do not have the level required to burn them normally.

2 Chance is increased to 35%.
3 Chance is increased to 50%.

Set effects[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Name Task Requirements Comp%
Beginner Chop Some Logs Chop any kind of logs. N/A 95%
Easy Chop Some Logs With a Steel Axe Chop any kind of logs using a steel axe. Woodcutting 6 Woodcutting 87%
Easy Obtain a Bird Nest Obtain a Bird Nest whilst cutting down trees. N/A 84%
Medium Enter the Woodcutting Guild Enter the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius. Woodcutting 60 Woodcutting
75% Hosidius favour
Medium Chop 100 Willow Logs Chop 100 Willow Logs from willow trees. Woodcutting 30 Woodcutting 84%
Medium Chop Some Logs With a Rune Axe Chop any kind of logs using a Rune Axe. Woodcutting 41 Woodcutting 71%
Medium Build a Waka Canoe Build a Waka Canoe. Woodcutting 57 Woodcutting 65%
Medium Chop a Sulliuscep Cap Chop a Sulliuscep Cap on Fossil Island. Woodcutting 65 Woodcutting
Quest points Bone Voyage
Hard Chop a Magic Log at the Forsaken Tower Chop a log from the Magic trees around The Forsaken Tower. Woodcutting 75 Woodcutting 48%
Hard Chop 75 Magic Logs Chop 75 Magic Logs from Magic Trees. Woodcutting 75 Woodcutting 54%
Elite Reach Level 99 Woodcutting Reach level 99 in your Woodcutting skill. Woodcutting 99 Woodcutting 31%
Elite Obtain 25 Million Woodcutting XP Obtain 25 million experience in your Woodcutting skill. Woodcutting 99 Woodcutting 7.9%

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • The quest Monk's Friend can be completed upon unlocking the skill to immediately skip to level 27 (with a 5x xp multiplier).