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Shattered Relics League Tasks/Beginner

All Beginner Tasks[edit | edit source]

Name Task Requirements Comp%
Beginner Complete the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Complete a lap of the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. Agility 1 Agility 92%
Beginner Turn a Log Into a Plank Use a Sawmill to turn a Log into a Plank. 1 Log, 100 83%
Beginner Cook a Shrimp Cook a Raw Shrimp. N/A 95%
Beginner Burn Some Food Burn any kind of food while trying to cook it. N/A 95%
Beginner Use the Range in Lumbridge Castle Use the Range in Lumbridge Castle to cook some food. Quest points Cook's assistant 86%
Beginner Spin a Ball of Wool Use a Spinning Wheel to spin a Ball of Wool. N/A 86%
Beginner Rake a Farming Patch Rake any farming patch N/A 90%
Beginner Plant Seeds in an Allotment Patch Plant some seeds in an allotment patch. N/A 77%
Beginner Burn Some Normal Logs Burn some Normal Logs. N/A 94%
Beginner Catch a Shrimp Catch a Raw Shrimp whilst fishing. N/A 97%
Beginner Catch a Herring Catch a Raw Herring whilst fishing. Fishing 10 Fishing 88%
Beginner Fletch Some Arrow Shafts Fletch some arrow shafts. N/A 89%
Beginner Cast Home Teleport Cast the Home Teleport spell. N/A 95%
Beginner Mine some Copper Ore Mine some Copper Ore. N/A 90%
Beginner Bury Some Bones Bury any kind of Bones. N/A 95%
Beginner Visit the Rune Essence Mine Visit the Rune Essence Mine. N/A 84%
Beginner Craft an Air Rune Craft an air rune at the Air Altar. Runecraft 1 Runecraft 74%
Beginner Receive a Slayer Task Receive a slayer task from any Slayer Master. N/A 79%
Beginner Smelt a Bronze Bar Use a Furnace to smelt a Bronze Bar. N/A 86%
Beginner Pickpocket a Citizen Pickpocket a Man or a Woman. N/A 98%
Beginner Open 28 Coin Pouches At Once Open 28 Coin Pouches at once. N/A 96%
Beginner Steal a Chocolate Slice Steal a chocolate slice from a bakery stall. Thieving 5 Thieving 95%
Beginner Steal From the Varrock Tea Stall Steal from the Tea Stall in Varrock. Thieving 5 Thieving 92%
Beginner Chop Some Logs Chop any kind of logs. N/A 95%
Beginner Defeat a Goblin Defeat a Goblin. After all, this is not the Goblin League. N/A 94%
Beginner Complete Rune Mysteries Complete the Rune Mysteries quest. N/A 87%
Beginner Complete Sheep Shearer Complete the Sheep Shearer quest. N/A 77%
Beginner Complete Romeo & Juliet Complete the Romeo & Juliet quest N/A 82%
Beginner Complete Gertrude's Cat Complete the Gertrude's Cat quest. N/A 81%
Beginner Complete the Natural History Quiz Complete the Natural History Quiz in the Varrock Museum. N/A 78%
Beginner Complete Monk's Friend Complete the Monk's Friend quest. See quest page 67%
Beginner Complete a Beginner Clue Scroll Complete a beginner clue scroll by opening a Reward Casket. N/A 78%
Beginner Visit Ferox Enclave Visit Ferox Enclave. N/A 93%
Beginner Turn in 1 Library Book Find and turn in a book in the Arceuus Library. N/A 80%
Beginner Turn in 10 Library Books Find and turn in 10 books in the Arceuus Library. N/A 77%
Beginner Bank at Land's End Open your bank using the bank at Land's End. N/A 75%
Beginner Bank at Mount Quidamortem Open your bank using the bank at Mount Quidamortem. N/A 46%
Beginner Travel to Molch Island Take one of the boats around Lake Molch to Molch Island. N/A 57%
Beginner Open the Leagues Menu Open the Leagues Menu found within the Journal Panel. N/A 100%
Beginner Complete the Leagues Tutorial Complete the Leagues Tutorial and begin your adventure. N/A 100%
Beginner Achieve Your First Level Up Level up any of your skills for the first time. N/A 98%
Beginner Achieve Your First Level 5 Reach level 5 in any skill (not including Agility, Hitpoints and Runecraft). N/A 98%
Beginner Achieve Your First Level 10 Reach level 10 in any skill (not including Agility and Hitpoints). N/A 97%
Beginner Achieve Your First Level 20 Reach level 20 in any skill. N/A 96%
Beginner Reach Combat Level 10 Reach Combat Level 10. N/A 94%
Beginner Pet a Stray Dog in Varrock Pet a Stray Dog in Varrock. N/A 91%
Beginner Enter Draynor Manor Enter Draynor Manor. N/A 87%
Beginner Fill a Crate With Bananas Fill a crate with Bananas for Luthas at Musa Point. N/A 72%
Beginner Visit the Tree Gnome Village Visit the Tree Gnome Village. N/A 82%
Beginner Visit the Tree Gnome Stronghold Visit the Tree Gnome Stronghold. N/A 92%
Beginner Enter the Taverly[sic] Dungeon Enter the Taverly[sic] Dungeon. N/A 80%
Beginner Go Through the Al Kharid Gate Go through the Al Kharid gate. 10 Coins or completion of Quest points Prince Ali Rescue 92%
Beginner Use the Bank in Nardah Use the bank in Nardah. N/A 71%
Beginner Cut a Cactus in the Kharidian Desert Cut a Cactus in the Kharidian Desert. A knife or a slash weapon 73%
Beginner Enter the Kalphite Lair Enter the Kalphite Lair. N/A 68%
Beginner Order a Drink at the Old Nite Order a drink at The Old Nite. 2 Coins 77%
Beginner Pick Wheat in Catherby Pick some wheat in the field by the Catherby farming patches. N/A 87%
Beginner Buy Something From Trader Crewmembers Buy something from the Trader Crewmembers. N/A 88%
Beginner Get Stung By Bees Get stung by bees at the Beehives. N/A 87%
Beginner Drink a Poison Chalice Drink a Poison Chalice. N/A 64%
Beginner Make some Flour Make some Flour in a windmill. N/A 88%