Shattered Relics League/Tasks/Ranged

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Name Task Requirements Comp%
Easy Equip a Studded Body and Chaps Equip a Studded Body along with some Studded Chaps. Ranged 20 Ranged, Defence 20 Defence 58%
Easy Equip a Maple Shortbow Equip a Maple Shortbow. Ranged 30 Ranged 62%
Medium Equip a Full Green Dragonhide Set Equip a green d'hide body, some green d'hide chaps and some green d'hide vambs. Ranged 40 Ranged, Defence 40
Quest points Dragon Slayer I completion
Medium Equip a Full Blue Dragonhide Set Equip a blue d'hide body, some blue d'hide chaps and some blue d'hide vambs. Ranged 50 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 31%
Medium Equip a Full Red Dragonhide Set Equip a red d'hide body, some red d'hide chaps and some red d'hide vambs. Ranged 60 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 23%
Medium Equip a Yew Shortbow Equip a Yew Shortbow. Ranged 40 Ranged 49%
Hard Equip Some Ranger Boots Equip a pair of Ranger Boots. Ranged 40 Ranged 8.6%
Hard Equip a Full Black Dragonhide Set Equip a black d'hide body, some black d'hide chaps and some black d'hide vambs. Ranged 70 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 33%
Hard Equip a Magic Shortbow Equip a Magic Shortbow. Ranged 50 Ranged 50%
Hard Equip a Rune Crossbow Equip a Rune Crossbow. Ranged 61 Ranged 42%
Hard Equip a Dark Bow Equip a dark bow. Ranged 60 Ranged, Slayer 90 Slayer 6.8%
Hard Equip an Ava's Assembler Equip an ava's assembler. Ranged 70 Ranged 14%
Elite Reach Level 99 Ranged Reach level 99 in your Ranged skill. Ranged 99 Ranged 21%
Elite Obtain 25 Million Ranged XP Obtain 25 million experience in your Ranged skill. Ranged 99 Ranged 8.7%
Elite Equip a Craw's Bow Equip a Craw's Bow. Ranged 60 Ranged 1.0%