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Shattered Relics League
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Overview[edit | edit source]

Ranged can be unlocked for free during the tutorial if it is the chosen combat skill. Otherwise, it will cost 10 Sage's Renown. During the league, archery shops wares will be restocked automatically so players will always be able to purchase supplies.

Skill synergies[edit | edit source]

  • If using Ranged for combat, players will not gain Hitpoints XP, unless it has been unlocked with 5 Sage's Renown.
  • Hunter is the only source for Chinchompas.

Set effects and fragments[edit | edit source]

Fragments[edit | edit source]

Fragment Level Description
Bottomless Quiver 1 Range ammunition & range weapon charges have a 40% chance to be saved, excluding chinchompas.
2 Range ammunition & range weapon charges have a 60% chance to be saved, excluding chinchompas.
3 Range ammunition & range weapon charges have a 90% chance to be saved, excluding chinchompas.
Unholy Ranger 1 Range attack accuracy increases 30% with 0 prayer point left.
2 Range attack accuracy increases 60% with 0 prayer point left.
3 Range attack accuracy increases 100% with 0 prayer point left.

Set effects[edit | edit source]

Set Effect Description Required Fragments Related Fragments
Knife's Edge For every hitpoint missing, the player deals 0.3%/0.6% additional damage in all combat styles. 2/3 Unholy Ranger

Bottomless Quiver

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Name Task Requirements Comp%
Easy Equip a Studded Body and Chaps Equip a Studded Body along with some Studded Chaps. Ranged 20 Ranged, Defence 20 Defence 58%
Easy Equip a Maple Shortbow Equip a Maple Shortbow. Ranged 30 Ranged 62%
Medium Equip a Full Green Dragonhide Set Equip a green d'hide body, some green d'hide chaps and some green d'hide vambs. Ranged 40 Ranged, Defence 40
Quest points Dragon Slayer I completion
Medium Equip a Full Blue Dragonhide Set Equip a blue d'hide body, some blue d'hide chaps and some blue d'hide vambs. Ranged 50 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 31%
Medium Equip a Full Red Dragonhide Set Equip a red d'hide body, some red d'hide chaps and some red d'hide vambs. Ranged 60 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 23%
Medium Equip a Yew Shortbow Equip a Yew Shortbow. Ranged 40 Ranged 49%
Hard Equip Some Ranger Boots Equip a pair of Ranger Boots. Ranged 40 Ranged 8.6%
Hard Equip a Full Black Dragonhide Set Equip a black d'hide body, some black d'hide chaps and some black d'hide vambs. Ranged 70 Ranged, Defence 40 Defence 33%
Hard Equip a Magic Shortbow Equip a Magic Shortbow. Ranged 50 Ranged 50%
Hard Equip a Rune Crossbow Equip a Rune Crossbow. Ranged 61 Ranged 42%
Hard Equip a Dark Bow Equip a dark bow. Ranged 60 Ranged, Slayer 90 Slayer 6.8%
Hard Equip an Ava's Assembler Equip an ava's assembler. Ranged 70 Ranged 14%
Elite Reach Level 99 Ranged Reach level 99 in your Ranged skill. Ranged 99 Ranged 21%
Elite Obtain 25 Million Ranged XP Obtain 25 million experience in your Ranged skill. Ranged 99 Ranged 8.7%
Elite Equip a Craw's Bow Equip a Craw's Bow. Ranged 60 Ranged 1.0%

Quests[edit | edit source]