Shayzia military orders

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Shayzia military orders
Shayzia military orders.png
Released16 June 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineAn ancient letter.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.028 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25831
Shayzia military orders detail.png

The Shayzia military orders is a letter obtained from searching the Broken altar in the Shayzia Ruin, just north-east of Shayzien.

The letter, addressed to Captain Tebell in Shayzia, is written by General Lern during the early days of the War of the Five Houses, detailing the removal of King Agata IV from the throne and the movements of the other four Houses of Kourend.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Shayzia military orders.

It is with a heavy heart I must inform you of a great tragedy to befall our house. Lord Shayzien is dead. Murdered by a cowardly alliance between Lord Lovakengj and Lady Piscarillius. In all the chaos, the circumstances are still unclear. From what we do know, it seems that while all five of the leaders had agreed to the plan to depose the gluttonous King Agata IV, those two had an alternate idea on who would rule next. With our army being by far the largest in the kingdom, we were their first target.

While we all wish to mourn for our beloved leader, we do not have that luxury. We must move immediately to protect the young Maria Shayzien for she is now our new ruler. Therefore, your orders are to recall every soldier available to Shayzia and prepare for a siege. Enemy forces are already on the move and she must be protected no matter the cost. Once the castle gates have closed, you must not open them for anyone. Even if Shayzien itself falls, the castle of Shayzia must stand.

I'm afraid I have little intelligence to share regarding the foes you will soon be facing. From what we can tell, the Lovakengj army will be the first to arrive. One good piece of news is that they have already been weakened somewhat. The Lovakengj alliance with Lady Piscarillius was thankfully short live,d and there has been significant fighting between the two armies. The Piscarillius soldiers came off worse and have retreated to regroup. Meanwhile, Lady Hosidius has already rallied her forces as well, though it is unclear where her allegiances lie at this point. Finally, Lord Arceuus has returned to Arceuus and reinforced the city. It seems he has no desire to participate in this conflict, but I suspect he will soon be given no choice.

There is one final matter that I urge you to attend to. While not public knowledge, I'm sure you are aware of Lord Shayzien's unorthodox beliefs. I ask that you attempt to preserve his religious materials if you can. That said, if it seems they are likely to fall into enemy hands, you must ensure that they are destroyed.

To you and everyone else at Shayzia, I pray for good fortune. You are our last hope now. Good luck.

General Lern