Combat Ring (Shayzien)

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Combat Ring
Combat Ring (Shayzien).png
Released7 January 2016 (Update)

The Combat ring is an arena in the Shayzien Encampment where five tiers of soldier can be challenged to obtain their respective tier of Shayzien armour. Deaths are not safe here, however the soldiers do not chase the player out of the combat ring.

Soldiers can be challenged to a duel where only melee is allowed. Start by challenging the tier-1 soldier, which requires 60% Shayzien favour and 20 Defence. Upon defeat, soldiers drop one piece of their armour. After obtaining a full set of that tier, and having it in the inventory (or bank), the next tier soldier will accept a challenge. Soldiers will only accept duels when there is a full set of armour in the inventory that is at most, 1 tier below their own tier. Destroying a piece of a lower-tier armour prior to obtaining a full set of the next highest tier will require beating the previous soldier again to reobtain a full set. Duplicates can be obtained as long as the conditions are met to challenge a particular soldier.

Challenging the soldiers requires Shayzien favour and 20 Defence:

Favour is rewarded each time a soldier is defeated:

This adds up to a total of 14% favour when obtaining a full set of Shayzien armour (tier 4), so starting the combat ring at 86% favour will result in reaching 100% favour by the time it is required.