Shayzien Encampment

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Shayzien Encampment
Shayzien Encampment.png
Released16 June 2021 (Update)
LocationGreat Kourend
MusicMilitary Life
Advanced data
Location on World Map
Lizardman Canyon
Chasm of Fire Shayzien Encampment Hosidius

The Shayzien Encampment is military camp found north of Shayzien. The encampment is where soldiers of the Shayzien Army live and train, as well the location in which players engage in various activities to gain favour with Shayzien.

A bank chest can be found just north of the War Tent, where Lord Shiro Shayzien and several generals of the army formulate war plans. An agility course is also accessible, requiring no favour to access.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Features[edit | edit source]

Most features in the encampment are, or are near, activities that reward players with favours from the city of Shayzien. The player may also visit the encampment as part of certain quests.

Agility course[edit | edit source]

The Shayzien Agility Course is a low level course that is accessible to players without Shayzien favour. The course is split into two courses; at level 5 Agility, players can run through the basic course, while the advanced course requires level 48 Agility alongside a crossbow and a mith grapple.

War Tent[edit | edit source]

The War Tent is the makeshift headquarters of the Shayzien Army, where Lord Shiro Shayzien leads the Army from. Various generals are found here making war plans.

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

The Infirmary is where soldiers of the Shayzien Army stay when wounded during active duty. Players can help the nurses heal the soldiers by using Shayzien medpacks on them, which reward 0.1% favour with Shayzien.

Tackling organised crime[edit | edit source]

With 40% Shayzien favour, players can help Captain Ginea, a senior member of the Shayzien Intelligence Corps, to tackle organised crime, in which players are given information on gang meetings and proceed to take out the gangsters.

Combat Ring[edit | edit source]

With 60% Shayzien favour, players can challenge soldiers wandering around the Combat Ring in battle to earn the armour they wear. The only rules when fighting them are that Magic and Ranged combat cannot be used during the battle.