Shayzien supply armour

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Shayzien supply set (1) detail.png

Shayzien supply armour is the non-equippable version of Shayzien armour. Unlike Shayzien armour, Shayzien supply armour can be smithed.

Shayzien supply armour is made from lovakite bars, which must be smelted in the lovakite furnace from 2 coal and 1 lovakite ore, found in the lovakite mine of Lovakengj. One full set of armour takes 11 bars to smith. Players can create and deliver Shayzien supply armour and Shayzien supply sets to armourers in exchange for Mining and Smithing experience, as well as Lovakengj favour. Each tier of filled crate gives the same amount of Mining experience, but higher tiers do grant additional Smithing experience and favour. Handing in a set rewards 36.5% more favour and experience for Mining and Smithing than handing in all 5 pieces of the same tier not packed into a set.

According to armourers who coordinate the manufacturing process of the armours, they supply the armours to the Shayzien Army in exchange for protection due to the lack of combat prowess possessed by the Lovakengj dwarves.

A Shayzien supply set (2) or higher must be handed in to its respective armourer to complete an elite clue scroll skill task for Sherlock.

Mining experience Smithing experience Favour gained
Tier 1 Armour 45 80 0.1% per bar used
Tier 1 Set 675 1,200 1.5%
Tier 2 Armour 45 100 0.2% per bar used
Tier 2 Set 675 1,500 3%
Tier 3 Armour 45 120 0.3% per bar used
Tier 3 Set 675 1,800 4.5%
Tier 4 Armour 45 140 0.4% per bar used
Tier 4 Set 675 2,100 6%
Tier 5 Armour 45 160 0.5% per bar used
Tier 5 Set 675 2,400 7.5%