Shayzien supply set (3)

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Shayzien supply set (3)
Shayzien supply set (3).png
Released7 January 2016 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineSupplies for the Shayzien soldiers.
Value55 coins
High alch33 coins
Low alch22 coins
Weight6 kg
Advanced data
Item ID13567
Shayzien supply set (3) detail.png

A Shayzien supply set (3) is a Shayzien supply crate packed with one of each: Shayzien supply helm (3), Shayzien supply platebody (3), Shayzien supply greaves (3), Shayzien supply gloves (3), and Shayzien supply boots (3). 100 noted shayzien supply crates can be found in the drawers of any armourer's house.

To create the full set to pack into a supply crate, 73 Smithing, 11 lovakite bars, and 50% Lovakengj favour are required:

  • 65 Smithing and 1 Lovakite bar for Shayzien supply gloves (3)
  • 67 Smithing and 1 Lovakite bar for Shayzien supply boots (3)
  • 69 Smithing and 2 Lovakite bars for Shayzien supply helm (3)
  • 71 Smithing and 3 Lovakite bars for Shayzien supply greaves (3)
  • 73 Smithing and 4 Lovakite bars for Shayzien supply platebody (3)

A set is delivered to armourer (tier 3) for 4.5% Lovakengj favour, 675 Mining experience (692 if wearing the full Prospector kit), and 1,800 Smithing experience. It is more efficient to hand in the set compared to delivering a single tier 3 shayzien supply armour which rewards, 45 Mining experience, 120 Smithing experience, and 0.3% Lovakengj favour per bar required to make the armour piece. Per bar the set rewards 61.4 Mining experience, 163.6 Smithing experience, and 0.409% Lovakengj favour.

A Shayzien supply set (3) can be used to complete an elite clue scroll Sherlock skill task. The set must be packed and delivered; the task will not be completed delivering individual items.

Creation[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ All possible sets are packed at once

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 January 2019

The examine text was slightly modified, the old examine text was "Supplies for the Lovakengj house to sell to the Shayzien house."