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Bookshelves are interactive scenery found in Varrock and Witchaven, which can be searched. Searching these shelves causes the player to look through the books stored on these shelves, as conveyed through two messages in the chat box: You search the books..., and after about one second: None of them look very interesting.

This type of shelf seems to have been introduced during the graphical rework of Varrock in 2007. They can be found in Draul Leptoc's mansion, as well as a house just south of Charlie the Tramp's alleyway. A later update to Witchaven also introduced these shelves to one of the houses in the town.

It is unknown if searching these shelves will ever have any effect other than the message that none of the books look very interesting. The behaviour of these shelves is very similar to that of several types of bookcase found throughout the world.