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Task Skill(s) requirements Other
Items required Trailblazer region required
Equip a dragon scimitar. Attack 60 Completion of Monkey Madness I Dragon scimitar Kandarin Kandarin
Cast Lvl-5 Enchant. Magic 68 None 15 water and earth runes, 1 cosmic rune, any unenchanted dragonstone jewellery Any
Craft a nature rune. Runecraft 44 None Nature talisman/nature tiara (not needed if using Abyss), pure essence Karamja Karamja
Catch a mottled eel with aerial fishing in Lake Molch. Fishing 73 , Hunter 68 None Fish chunks/King worms N/A
Score a goal in skullball. Agility 25 Completed Priest in Peril Ring of charos Morytania Morytania
Complete a lap of Ape atoll agility course. Agility 48 Started Monkey Madness I Ninja monkey greegree Kandarin Kandarin
Create a super defence potion. Herblore 66 None Cadantine potion (unf), white berries Any
Steal from a chest in King Lathas' castle in East Ardougne. Thieving 72 None None (The chests are on the middle floor, behind a door that needs to be picked) Kandarin Kandarin
Craft a green d'hide body. Crafting 63 None Needle, thread, 3 green dragon leather Any of KandarinAsgarniaWildernessFremennik
String a yew longbow. Fletching 70 None Knife, yew logs, bow string Any
Slay a dust devil. Slayer 65 None A weapon, facemask/slayer helmet Desert Desert
Catch a black warlock. Hunter 45 None Butterfly net, butterfly jar Kandarin Kandarin
Catch a red chinchompa. Hunter 63 Completion of Eagles' Peak Box trap Kandarin Kandarin
Mine a piece of mithril ore. Mining 55 None A pickaxe Any
Smith a mithril 2h sword. Smithing 64 None Hammer, 3 mithril bars Any
Catch a raw shark. Fishing 76 None Harpoon (if you cannot barbarian fish for them) Any
Chop a yew tree. Woodcutting 60 None An axe Any
Fix a magical lamp in Dorgesh-Kaan. Firemaking 52 Completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun Light orb Both Asgarnia Asgarnia and Misthalin Misthalin
Burn a yew log. Firemaking 60 None Tinderbox, yew logs Any
Cook a swordfish. Cooking 45 None Raw swordfish Any
Craft multiple cosmic runes from a single essence. Runecraft 59 Completion of Lost City Cosmic talisman/cosmic tiara (not needed if using Abyss), pure essence Misthalin Misthalin
Plant a watermelon seed. Farming 47 None Rake, seed dibber, 3 watermelon seeds Any of AsgarniaKandarinMorytaniaTirannwn
Activate the Chivalry prayer. Prayer 60 , Defence 65 Completion of the Camelot training room None Both of KandarinAsgarnia
Hand in a boxed set of Shayzien supply armour at tier 2 or above. Smithing 63 , Mining 65 40% Lovakengj favour Shayzien supply set (2). Hand it to the tier 2 armourer. Requires 11 lovakite bars. Delivering a higher tier instead does work too.

Warning: If you hand in an un-boxed set, the armourer will take the armour but the clue will not be registered as complete. You must put the armour in a Shayzien supply crate first.