Shield of Arrav/Phoenix Gang

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Phoenix Gang[edit | edit source]

Items required: 20 coins, and a weapon (optional but recommended).

Baraek is located in the centre of Varrock (to join the Black Arm Gang, go talk to Charlie the Tramp). He buys and sells furs, and his stall is marked with an icon of bear fur. Talk to him and ask about the Phoenix Gang. At first, he will refuse, then he will want you to give him 20 coins for info. Give him 20 coins, and he will tell you it is located in the south-east corner of Varrock.

The hideout is near the south-east corner of Varrock between the two bars. It is a bit south of the rune shop. Look for a red exclamation mark (on your map) to find the hideout. When you've found the red exclamation mark, you will see a ladder. Climb down it to enter the Phoenix Gang's hideout.

The entrance to the Phoenix Gang hideout.

Inside the hideout, talk to Straven. If you ask to join, he will mention the Varrock Herald newspaper. This is a cover-up. There should be an option to tell him that you know who he is, a member of the Phoenix Gang.

Straven will want you to kill Jonny the beard (combat level 2). He is located in Varrock's Blue Moon Inn. This bar is located near the south entrance of Varrock. Go inside the bar and find Jonny the Beard and kill him. Note: Killing him with a ring of recoil won't make him drop anything.

Jonny will drop a report, which Straven needs. Grab the report and bring it back to Straven. Talk to Straven while having the report in your inventory, and he will make you a Phoenix Gang member, allowing you to enter their hideout. Straven will also give you the Weapon store key, which you need to save for your partner. The thieves walking around are not aggressive to any players, but will retaliate if you attack them.

Look around for a chest in the south-west corner of the hideout to find one half of the Shield of Arrav. You can only grab one shield half at a time, and you cannot obtain it after completing the quest.