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The Shield of Arrav is an artefact that once belonged to Arrav, a legendary hero from the Fourth Age who defended Avarrocka from the Zamorakian mahjarrat Zemouregal. It is the primary focus of the Shield of Arrav quest, wherein the player must retrieve the two shield halves from the gangs of Varrock. According to the The Legend of Arrav, the shield is remarkably strong and has the power to crumble undead to dust.

The Legend of Arrav[edit | edit source]

Arrav fighting Zemouregal with the shield in-hand.

During the Fourth Age, Arrav had visited the Land of Dreams wherein he encountered Zemouregal, who threatened Arrav and his town of Avarrocka. In fright he consulted with the Elders of Avarrocka, who came to the conclusion that the encounter was a bad omen and Arrav could not remain in Avarrocka. It was at this time that the eldest of the elders who recounted a tale from his youth of a fabulous shield, a shield that did not belong to this world and whose whereabouts was unknown. Thus the elders concocted an impossible quest to find the shield and sent Arrav away.[1]

Arrav had travelled far, eventually coming across the Imcando dwarves. The Imcando refused to give Arrav the shield at first,[2] it wasn't until Avarrocka was seiged by the Mahjarrat when Arrav was forced to return to the Imcando to seek the shield that they agreed to give the shield to Arrav.[3]

During his final battle with the undead minions of Zemouregal, Arrav realised that he would not be able to defeat Zemouregal. He threw the shield towards a burning building, in hope that someone else might use its powers, before succumbing to Zemouregal's attacks. The shield was picked up by the 16-year-old grandson of the eldest elder of Avarrocka, who then used it to defeat Zemouregal's zombies.[4]

Shield of Arrav[edit | edit source]

For 150 years, the Shield was the prized piece in the royal museum or Varrock, however in the year 143 of the Fifth Age the Phoenix Gang broke into the museum and stole the shield. The ruler at the time, King Roald II, placed a 1200 gold bounty for the return of the shield to no avail.[5]

Sometime later, the members of the Phoenix Gang mutinied and branched off into a separate gang, the Black Arm Gang. During this process the shield was broken into two pieces, one piece remaining with the Phoenix Gang and the other with the Black Arm Gang.[6]

During the Shield of Arrav quest, players must retrieve both halfs of the shield and return them to Varrock Museum.

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