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The shop stock of a typical store.

A Shop is any establishment which allows the trading of currency for an item or service, or visa versa. Shops typically have a higher stock price than the equivalent item on the Grand Exchange, in addition to a lower buy price when selling an item to a shop. However, due to their fixed prices, shops cannot be susceptible to the market trends of Grand Exchange, thus allowing for cheaper items in some instances.

Types of shops[edit | edit source]

Name Number Uses (sells what) Members only?
General store icon.png General store 39 Basic items (tinderboxes, pots, etc.) No
Amulet shop icon.png Amulet shops 1 Ordinary amulets and holy symbols Yes
Archery shop icon.png Archery shops 5 Items for the Ranged skill (bows, arrows, etc.) No
Axe shop icon.png Axe shops 3 Axes and/or battleaxes No
Candle shop icon.png Candle Shop 1 Candles Yes
Chainmail shop icon.png Chainmail shops 1 Chainbodies up to adamant No
Clothes shop icon.png Clothes shops 7 Clothes (differs from location) No
Cookery shop icon.png Cooking shops 5 Cooking utensils and ingredients No
Crafting shop icon.png Crafting shops 5 Crafting tools No
Archery shop icon.png Crossbow shops 3 Crossbow limbs, stock, and crossbows Yes
Farming shop icon.png Farming shops 5 Farming tools and items (pots, sacks, etc.) Yes
Fishing shop icon.png Fishing shops 9 Fishing tools (nets, harpoons, etc.) and raw fish No
Food shop icon.png Food shops 9 Cooking ingredients and food No
Fur trader icon.png Fur traders 3 Buys and sells fur No
Gem shop icon.png Gem shops 4 Uncut and cut gems No
Helmet shop icon.png Helmet shops 2 Medium helmets and full helmets up to adamant No
Herbalist icon.png Herblore shops 5 Herblore items and basic ingredients Yes
Hunter shop icon.png Hunter shops 2 Hunter equipment Yes
Jewellery shop icon.png Jewellery shops 1 Unenchanted jewellery up to diamond No
Kebab shop icon.png Kebab seller 2 Kebabs No
Mace shop icon.png Mace shops 1 Maces up to adamant No
Magic shop icon.png Magic shops 4 Runes up to blood No
Mining shop icon.png Mining shops 4 Pickaxes up to rune No
Platebody shop icon.png Platebody shops 3 Platebodies up to adamant No
Platelegs shop icon.png Platelegs shops 2 Platelegs up to adamant No
Plateskirt shop icon.png Plateskirt shops 1 Plateskirts up to adamant No
Scimitar shop icon.png Scimitar shops 3 Scimitars up to dragon (except adamant and rune) No
Shield shop icon.png Shield shops 1 Kiteshields up to steel, Square shields up to mithril and wooden shields No
Silk trader icon.png Silk trader 2 Silks No
Silver shop icon.png Silver shops 2 Items made of silver (holy symbol, etc.) Yes
Spice shop icon.png Spice shops 1 Gnome spices Yes
Staff shop icon.png Staff shops 3 Staves up to elemental staves No
Sword shop icon.png Sword shops 3 Swords and longswords up to adamant No
Vegetable shop icon.png Vegetable stores 3 Vegetables (cabbages, potatoes, onions) Yes

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 October 2014
Some shops now have separate stocks for Iron man and standard accounts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The titles of many stores are alliterative.