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Siamun chathead.png

Siamun is a dyer living in Sophanem. He plays a minor role in the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest and the Rogue Trader miniquest.

Siamun can be found between the building with the spinning wheel and a silk stall. He is considered rude and unfriendly by the local villagers.

In the Rogue Trader miniquest, he supplies desert outfits and Menaphite robes to Al Kharid, if the player provides him with 3 dyes or 3 animal skins of the same type (snake, cow, wolf, or wool). He does not want "certs" (notes).

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Siamun was male in RuneScape 3 until a 2017 update.
  • If the potion is used on Siamun, he will flat out refuse, claiming that the only potions or solutions he deals with are dyes.