Sigil of the ruthless ranger

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Sigil of the ruthless ranger
Sigil of the ruthless ranger.png
Released25 August 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsAttune, Inspect
DestroyAn alternative is to sell it on the Grand Exchange.
ExamineA power enhancing sigil not yet attuned to you.
Value20,000 coins
High alch12,000 coins
Low alch8,000 coins
Weight0.1 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange100,000 coins (info)
Buy limit8
Daily volume0
Advanced data
Item ID26072
Sigil of the ruthless ranger detail.png
Sigil of the ruthless ranger (attuned) detail.png

The Sigil of the Ruthless Ranger is a tier 2 combat sigil in Deadman: Reborn. Like all sigils, the un-attuned version is dropped by most monsters (via the Deadman Mode drop table) and is tradeable on the Grand Exchange. It can be activated by clicking Attune.

While attuned, the sigil gives you the following property:

Upon dealing Ranged damage, you have a 10% chance to cripple the target's movement. The effect deals 5 damage over the next 6 seconds and drains a total of 30 run energy in that time. The damage is doubled against targets with no run energy. A target can only suffer from one crippling effect at a time. You also gain an additional 50% XP in the Ranged skill.

The Sigil of the ruthless rangerwhen activated.