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Sin'keth Magis was the leader of the Zamorakian Dagon'hai following their forced departure from Varrock in the Year 70 of the Fifth Age. His son, Surok Magis, inherited the position, and is still active today. Sin'keth's diary mentions a time when he became a Hyeraph, a rank with the Dagon'hai order.

History[edit | edit source]

Prior to the Burning of the Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

Prior to the burning of the Wizards' Tower, Sin'keth was a low-ranking member of the Dagon'hai. At the time, Zamorakians were grudgingly accepted in society, and so he was permitted safe entry into Varrock along with the rest of the Dagon'hai. Shortly before the burning of the Wizards' Tower in the Year 70, one of the Dagon'hai elders, Dag'eth, granted him the title of "Hyeraph"; a position only slightly below Elder.

Forced Exodus[edit | edit source]

When the Wizards' Tower fell at the hands of Zamorakian mages, the backlash against Zamorakians was swift and deadly. Soon nearly all Zamorakians were forced from predominantly Saradominist settlements, and the Dagon'hai were made into top priority targets.

The Dagon'hai, despite remaining undetected for some time, were eventually discovered by one of the Varrock Guard. The Dagon'hai were engaged in combat with the city's soldiers, forced to retreat or die. The Dagon'hai suffered heavy casualties, including all three of the Elders: Dag'eth, La'nou, and Kree'nag.

Sin'keth and the surviving Dagon'hai narrowly escaped into the forest north-east of the city, but were pursued by soldiers. They fled towards the Wilderness, eventually coming to a statue of Saradomin in which they had secretly created an escape tunnel. Sin'keth entered last, casting an earth bolt spell at the entrance to cover their tracks.

The confused guard mistook the escape as an omen, believing that Saradomin's statue had "swallowed them".

In Hiding[edit | edit source]

Sin'keth, the highest ranking member of the Dagon'hai left, was accepted as the group's sole elder. In the coming years he would work to keep them hidden from the eye of Varrock, although the tale of Saradomin's statue defeating them grew until soon it was accepted that the Dagon'hai were dead.

Sin'keth had one son, whom he named Surok. Following Sin'keth's death, Surok took control of the Dagon'hai, and is very active today.