Sink (economy)

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Sinks are methods of removing items and money from the system, usually to control inflation rates, and keep the price of items at a relatively constant level. There are a few ways coins are generated in the game, first and foremost by High Level Alchemy, as well as NPCs that drop coins on defeat, or that can be pickpocketed for coins, or that buy items from the player. Sinks are an attempt to keep the money that is being generated from creating unwanted and excess inflation.

There are two major types of sinks: money sinks (also known as gold sinks), which remove coins from the game, and item sinks, which remove any other item.

In general terms, think of anything on the luxury side of a player's in-game life as a money sink. Also, almost all high-tiered armour and weaponry are tied to money sinks and/or item sinks.

Examples[edit | edit source]